Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Random Ramblings: November Recap

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So, this year I did NaBloPoMo again. If you don't know what that is I'll explain - it's November - you post every day on your blog - if you're me? - you skip some days but do the best you can.

My posts for the month of November are linked below.

November 30: Random Acts of Kindness for Caregivers

November 29: Incredibly Informative Paleo Cookbooks

November 28 - Fall and Winter Fashion and Beauty Ideas

November 26 - American Girl's 2015 Girl of the Year: Grace Thomas (giveaway)

November 25 - A Thanksgiving Ramble

November 22 - Without Any Marshmallows: Sacrifices Mothers Should Not Make

November 22 - November is Winding Down: Where I Am

November 18 - Stolen Years: Stories of the Wrongfully Imprisoned, Reuven Fenton ~ book review

November 17 - Simple Giving: Easy Ways To Give Every Day, Jennifer Iacovelli ~ book review

November 15 - Sunday Free Write: Because It's Okay

November 14 - Shield Yourself. I Give You Permission.

November 12 - Thankful Thursdays: Feeling Thankful

November 11 - Wordless Wednesday: A Touch of Fall

November 9 - Don't Clean Your House. It's Just Not Worth It.

November 8 - The Starbucks Cup Debacle.

November 7 - 7 Books I Need To Read

November 6 - Finding Fitness Fridays: Finding Your Motivation

November 5 - Thankful Thursdays: Gratitude

November 4 - This Method of Cooking a Potato Will Change Your Life

November 3 - One Match.

November 2 - Parents Are Always Prepared. Right?

November 1 - November Goals

And if you're interested in seeing what last November was like for me, check out my list of November 2014 posts.

So - here's my recap - I posted from November 1st - 9th. Then I posted on the 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, and 22nd. Also had a post shared on another site on the 22nd. Then the 25th, 26th, 28th - 30th.

If you can follow that you're in better shape than I am. But also? I'm sick right now so my head is a bit of a bowling ball.

That's about 22/30 if I include that extra share. I suppose I'll take it.

I'll do my best to post regularly throughout December and see what happens. Maybe it'll be a great way to maintain focus as we head into a new year? We shall see.

Happy writing and blogging and what-not, everyone.


  1. I think that's totally respectable! I managed to post 31 posts on MY blog in November . . .and my pageviews doubled - teaching me that my sad little 2 posts a week just really wasn't cutting it. . .so now I am inspired to try and keep it to 4-5 times per week. I never thought I could do 30 posts - NEVER =) Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement!

    1. That is amazing results. Congrats!! I've been enjoying your posts :)

  2. Hi Andrea! Congratulations on accomplishing your goal. I can only imagine the challenge. I've been blogging over 8 years now and if I can put out a quality post once a week I feel great. I greatly admire anyone who manages more. So did it help your traffic considerably? I personally don't follow many blogs that put out that much content because I can barely keep up with those that do it once in a while. I'm really curious if it increased subscribers for you? To me that would be a real key. But again, stating a goal and following through is ALWAYS worthy of applause! ~Kathy

  3. Great job, will take a looksee at a few of your posts during my lunch break. Between my two blogs I post everyday as well, except on Sundays, but sometimes, I'll squeeze something in there as well.

  4. I actually would like to know more about how you feel about your blog, your stats, and the process you've just gone through than anything else. Have you kind of debriefed yourself on this process? I see that you plan on attempting to continue, so that must mean that you see some benefit.

  5. Wow, that's amazing. I think 22 posts in a month is great, that's like every weekday and weekends you're totally allowed to have off, imho. You rocked it, girl! Feel better soon!!


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