Thursday, February 4, 2021

January: What I Read

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I've decided to start a monthly series here on the blog. 

I used to keep a very long list of all the books I've ever read. I still have that archived somewhere. And I do still track my reading on Goodreads. 


I'm going to post at the end of each month and share the books I've read. 

Which (HOORAY!) I actually have done in January. 

I also used to make a goal of reading 100 books every year. I never hit that goal. 

So now I'm much more realistic and opt for setting a goal of 52. One book per week. If it's possible, it's possible, if not, I won't beat myself up over it. It's still okay. But it's nice to set a small challenge anyway.

And listen, my plan was to review each book. I really wanted to do that for you. And I will try to at some point, but if I don't submit and publish this post soon I'll be adding any books I read in February to the list. So. Bear with me and feel free to ask me my thoughts on the titles listed below. 

*referral links are available for your shopping convenience*


The Once and Future Witches, by Alix E. Harrow

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Let me know what you've been reading so far this year! Can't wait to hear what you recommend. And be sure to tell me if you've read any of these titles and what you thought. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Peanut Butter Nutella Sugar Cookies.

It's Houseful of Cookies time again!!!

And I'll admit, I'm getting this shared right under the wire, folks. 

I had a different plan, was missing an ingredient, and so I decided to go with simple and delicious, with a hope that y'all enjoy these just as much as I do.

Peanut Butter Nutella Sugar Cookies


1 c peanut butter* 

1 c sugar

1/2 c Nutella

1 egg

splash vanilla extract (optional, but makes it better)

Optional ingredient: caramel bits

* honestly, when it comes to peanut butter I'm going to suggest you skip the health food store kind - only because I don't know how well that will do!


Mix together the peanut butter and the sugar. 

Add in the Nutella. 

Toss in an egg.

Add the vanilla extract (if you want to!).

Roll into balls and bake at 350 degrees for about 13 minutes. 

Check on them in case you're unsure of how well they've cooked. I put mine in for a bit longer and one or two cookies burned at the bottom. No clue why those two acted up. But it's okay, they're still edible!

Honestly, the cookies taste even better with the caramel bits. You can pop a few in while the cookies are just about to cool, which lets them melt a little and sit perfectly. 

You can also try melting them and drizzling on top of the cookie - which is delicious and also something I did not have the capacity for this fine evening. 

Either way, I hope you enjoy these cookies - and all the others the Houseful of Cookies participants have shared this year.

Houseful of Cookies 2020!

cookie recipes

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Good Girl Gone Redneck - Peanut Butter Nutella Sugar Cookies 

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Friday, November 20, 2020

'Tis the Season.

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And yet, it's not. 

It's not exactly the season of all the things.

It's the season, but it's not.

It's not the same at all.

Our travel plans are halted. 

Our parties are cancelled. 

Our sparkly outfits stay in the closet.


'Tis the season. 



This shouldn't take away the joy that we feel.

This shouldn't take away the hope in our hearts.

This shouldn't take away the love. 

The love.


It's there.




It's stressful. 


It's exhausting. 


Let's face it, y'all. 





The love.

The love is there. 

Whether we're together or apart.

Whether we're 500 miles away. 

And yes. 

I choose that number specifically.

I am almost always 500 miles away from my family.

Through the most important of holidays.

The most important of anniversaries.

The most important of moments.


The love.

The love is there.

Whether we're together or apart.

Whether we're 500 miles away.

The love is there.



You'll feel it, too.

I promise.


After all.

'Tis the season.

Sunday, November 8, 2020


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Have you listened to Taylor Swift's [fairly] new song, exile yet?

I can play that song on repeat a trillion times a day, and it tears me up every time. 


They're so interesting, aren't they? 

We see them in retrospect. We blink, and they appear, often too late. 

And then we get stuck. 

Like a hamster on a wheel.

Replaying and replaying.

Each and every sign. 

We find ourselves wishing.




But we can't.

We can't rewind. 

Not magically. 

Not really.

We can't see the signs that were there before he left.

We can't see the signs that were there before we lost her. 

We can't see the signs that were there all along.

We want to say we can't imagine they were there and we missed them.

And yet.

We did.

We do. 

We miss the signs. 

But what becomes most important - SO VERY IMPORTANT.

To each and every one of us. 

Is that we let them go.

We cannot stay there. 


Tripping over the signs that are behind us. 

We just can't.

So. Friends.

Let them go.

Those signs. 

They're irrelevant now.

They don't matter.

They mean nothing.

We can't change what happened.

It was not our fault.

We just didn't know.

We didn't see.

We skipped over the signs.

And we need to let them go. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

This Is Exhausting.

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Everyone, hi.

Hi, hello, all the greetings. 

I've been missing for months. 

Only I have been right here. 

Exactly here. 

Exactly where most of us have been for all the days since March. 

March 13th, to be precise. 

March 13th was the last normal-ish day. 

I went to my doctor.

I went to the grocery store. 

I picked up my daughter from school.

And then. 

Everything changed. 

For all the f*ckers out there who don't think anything has changed?

You. I have issues with you. 

For anyone who is confused as to what my life has been like all these days, weeks, months?

It's been quiet.

And different.

And yet, a new normal. 

One nobody wants to accept.

And yet, I do. 

I accept it.

Because I have concerns and I think it's important to acknowledge that.

And because I think it's important to remind ourselves that not everyone is living their normal life.






We're STILL in a pandemic.

We're still wearing masks. 

Many of our children are still in school at home.

Many of us grown-ups are still not returning to our offices. 


I always work from home.

It's something I've answered repeatedly since March.



I have worked from home for over seven (SEVEN!) years.


Guess what, though?

I could leave my house after my work day.

I did the school transport back and forth.

I lived in Lyfts.

I went on dates (don't gasp, there were so very few).

I went to Starbucks (I miss you so!).

I went to dinner with friends (I miss y'all more!).

Weekends were busy. 

We did things.

We saw people.

I lived a normal life. 

We lived a normal life. 

And now?


This new normal?