Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Summer Reads: July New Releases

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We all know that July is a super hot month - but did you know that it's also on fire where books are concerned? There are so many great titles coming out this month that you're going to want to get your hands on. And I'm here to help.

I've compiled this batch of new releases for you, and they're all on my summer reading list.

Odd note for y'all: SO MANY BOOKS are coming out on JULY 9th. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because it's after the Fourth and publishers feel like nobody reads before then? /shrug/ Either way - there's a *boom* of books this month, so go forth and enjoy!

Extra note: Every time you click you'll be brought to the Amazon link for these books. Make a purchase and support my book addiction at no cost whatsoever to you. None. Zilch. Amazon just says thank you to me for sending you their way. Yay!

July 2019 New Releases

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Grab it while you can!

summer reads, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, nonfiction, The Lie, William Dameron

summer reads, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, fiction, The Gifted School, Bruce Holsinger

summer reads, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, fiction, The Boy and Girl Who Broke The World, Amy Reed

Three Women, Lisa Taddeo, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, fiction, summer reads

The Last Book Party, Karen Dukess, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, fiction, summer reads,

The Golden Hour, Beatriz Williams, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, fiction, summer reads

The Wedding Date, Jasmine Guillory, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, fiction, summer reads

The Floating Feldmans, Elyssa Friedland, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, fiction, summer reads

Speaking of Summer, Kalisha Buckhanon, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, fiction, summer reads

Never Have I Ever, Joshilyn Jackson, reading, goodreads, Kindle, books, amreading, fiction, summer reads

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

7 Books to Kickstart Your Summer

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Summer is coming in quickly, friends.

And there's nothing many of us enjoy more than a great summer read.

I've got a few recommendations for you.

Some are old, some are new, but whenever they were published matters not - they're going to get you through your summer travels, the impossible and unbearable heat, the days by the pool, your commute to work, your road trips (audiobooks, y'all) and the days when you really wish your kids were at camp but they're not. So. Join me!

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

so•ca cocina latina

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This was my drink. It was called Little Mendoza.
It was a pretty little cocktail with a way not little punch. 

This week was one of the longest weeks in creation.


So. Very. Long.

But fortunately for me, I had a night out with a friend at the delicious so•ca restaurant in Raleigh.

The food at so•ca was delicious. And the atmosphere was fantastic.

It was a weeknight, so it wasn't horribly crowded. And although the temperatures were mellowing out, we decided it would be more comfortable to eat inside.

Actually, I deferred to the host and he suggested inside. We agreed. Comfort over outdoor seating. North Carolina seems to have glossed over spring and it has to be much later in the evening to enjoy an outdoor meal. This is unfortunate, as I love the cooler temps.

Even last night on my way home from dinner (different meal) I opened the window in the Uber and enjoyed the breeze, then looked at the temperature and it was still 80 degrees. What on earth?

But back to so•ca.

We decided to start with a small plate, choosing the Colombian Pan de Yuca.

Raleigh restaurants, Raleigh eats, drinks, local eats, local NC restaurants, cocina latina, pollo, small plates, tapas, platas pequenos

This picture doesn't do it justice. It was these buttery garlicky cheesy bread bursts with pickled onions. And I probably could have eaten several more servings of it - maybe they'll add an unlimited version to the menu just for me? (A girl can dream.)

I think that the next time I go I'll be ordering several little plates so I can leave room for dessert. Because the dessert options and beverages looked amazing, but I was too full to eat anything else just then.

I ordered the Pollo a la Brasa for dinner. It was beautiful. And delicious. Which matters more, certainly, but still. Look at how pretty it was plated.

Raleigh restaurants, Raleigh eats, drinks, local eats, local NC restaurants, cocina latina, pollo, small plates, tapas, platas pequenos

The chicken was amazing. So well-cooked. And the avocado and tomatillos? Yum. I will let you know that the green stuff? Salsa verde. A little bit of an unexpected kick for me - the spice wimp - so if you order it and can't do spicy? Be warned. But get it anyway. I'm sure they'll help accommodate your taste needs.

so•ca offers a variety of options for your meal, and I've already decided that I really want to get back there for brunch sometime, because, omg, yum.

Have a look at these huevos rancheros from their Instagram feed? I mean, seriously.

Hello, so•ca brunch, here I come.

So if you're looking for somewhere new to try and can't decide where to go? I highly recommend so•ca. I think you'll find whatever you're looking for and more. And I hope you enjoy it!

* This is not a sponsored post. I went to dinner at so•ca and thought I'd share some info about it with you. I had a wonderful experience and the staff is great, so why not spread the word, right? I hope you decide to go and do let me know how your meal goes. * 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Nonfiction Reads: Spring 2019

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There are so many books that I want to read, and each time a new novel or nonfiction book comes out I find myself adding them to my list.

The never-ending and always growing to-read list.

So for today I thought I'd share some new nonfiction books that I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this year. (Referral links are scattered throughout this post.)

Let me know which of these you're interested in.

Who knows? Maybe I'll decide to gift you a copy!

Nonfiction Recommendations for Spring

nonfiction, must-read, Kindle reads, books, am reading, Stephanie Land, Maid,

You guys? Maid was so good. Like really good. This book was a powerful and moving read. In sharing her perspective as a single mother who worked as hard as she could to get by and keep herself and her child safe, sheltered and sometimes barely fed, Land pulls us in and doesn't let us go until the very end. Even after you turn the last page or swipe on through the entire book? You'll want to find out more about her and see what she's up to now. And how her daughter is doing. Don't miss Maid, y'all. 

nonfiction, must-read, Kindle reads, books, am reading, The Truths We Hold, Kamala Harris

Regardless of your thoughts about Harris, she was one of the first Democrats to throw her hat into the race for President for the 2020 election. As a woman candidate, there is bound to be so much information thrown around - and I - for one - would love to get to meet her for who she is before I make any decisions about her. The Truths We Hold: An American Journey seems to be a great way to jump into doing just that. 

nonfiction, must-read, Kindle reads, books, am reading, Calm the F*ck Down, Sarah Knight

I really like Sarah Knight. So far, You Do You is my favorite of her No F*cks Given Guides. That said, who doesn't want to read a book titled Calm the F*ck Down, am I right? Fine. Maybe you don't want to. But I do. And I think this is going to be a good one. It was released in December, but who had time to read in December, anyway? Not me. Want to join me in reading this one? Let me know. Maybe I'll send you an e-copy. I'm just THAT big of a fan.

nonfiction, must-read, Kindle reads, books, am reading, Abby Wambach, Wolfpack

The best way for me to describe why I plan on reading this book is to simply state that Wolfpack has been repeatedly showing up in my world in different ways. I can't even pinpoint why or where, I can just tell you that I plan on reading it because it seems to hold something that I currently need in my life. I regret not getting my hands on it sooner. But spring seems like the perfect time to grab a copy. Renewal. Growth. Expression. I plan to walk away from Wambach's book with all of those on my mind. 

So - thoughts? Which might you choose for your spring reading this year?

Care to share some suggestions of your own? Your favorite nonfiction must-reads?

Let me know! I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Life Takes Hold

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Hello, friends.

I have not written in a while.

Quite possibly over a month. Maybe longer?

Life took hold of me and didn't let go.

I'm quite active on social media.

You know how that goes.

It's my norm.

Facebook is where I talk to all the people.

Twitter is where I talk about whatever crosses my feed.

And Instagram is the new home away from home.

And on all but Facebook I've experienced my own radio silence over the last month.


I honestly couldn't say.

Because life takes hold, I suppose.

I'm a writer.

I always have been.

I always will be.

I don't have to have my words on a page or screen or whatever other format there might be to say as much.

And yet.

I do.

Because I miss it. I miss writing and updating and sharing and so much more.

So much so that I'm here now. Asking you to invite me back into your space.

Or, well, really, truly, I've returned to my own and I'm asking you to accept my invitation to come back by, have a seat, join me for some coffee or tea - and no worries - I have something stronger if you choose. I'll even bake cookies. I may not eat any, I go through stages of avoidance of certain foods as I've learned more over the years, and even recent months that my body doesn't do well with them. Or without limitations of them.

But I ramble and I sound like the kind of person who can't make changes to my eating without announcing it to the world, right? But aren't we all that person? (Indeed.)

Life takes hold, y'all.

And when you're a single woman in her 40s (fine, late 40s) it's quite an interesting adventure when you choose to journey out into the world of dating apps. If you want to see more of what I've seen? Head to my Instagram stories and click the Still Single or Fishing4Dates highlights. And. Uh. Enjoy?

I'm also trying to read a bit more, and looking forward to getting back to discussing books with you, friends. Because there's no greater escape for me than a wonderfully written book.

But - alas - life takes hold.

And Game of Thrones took the place of alllll the books for a short bit.

And I was introduced to that show by a guy. A guy I met on a dating app.

See? Everything comes back around.

Anyway - I look forward to reconnecting with all of you. And seeing what you've been up to. And where you, too, have been "hiding" for a bit.

It's time for me to take hold of life for a change. And use my time as I so choose.

Join me?