Saturday, November 14, 2015

Shield Yourself. I Give You Permission.

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Everyone knows what happened in Paris yesterday.

Incident after incident.

But Paris is not the only place we grieve for today.

There are so many places in the world that struggle and suffer. So many people that ache and hurt. That feel pain like many of us could never fathom.

And for many of us? Watching. Waiting. Holding our breath? For many of us the pain is too much to bear witness to.

We flick through - absorbing the information that flows in. We spend too much time listening to the talking heads of news channel after news channel and it's way too much for our hearts.

I shared a similar statement on Facebook today because I want this reminder to reach as many people as possible. As many people who need it. Who need to be given permission to walk away.

Many of us experience anxiety of our own - and when there is a global situation such as this? - it triggers the clenching feeling, the palpitations that we try to shove back and wind up internalizing even more.

So please, please take care of yourself today. Take a moment to remind yourself, if the news coverage is too much for your heart and mind to take, if you're finding that it's aggravating your anxiety and escalating your fears? If you find that you cannot stop focusing on each report and are unable to look away?

Take a break.

Walk away for a bit. Shield yourself.

It's not only okay, it's permitted and encouraged.

Protect yourself. Shield your heart. Touch base with your loved ones. Hold your babies tightly. Call a friend or family member. Take a walk and breathe in nature.

The people of Paris and the world will not feel you've forgotten them. You must take care of you.

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  1. it's so true. We can get caught up in all of the sadness and grief and forget to live. It is okay to go back to normal life at times and not feel guilty. Because it is what keeps us sane. Thanks for the reminder.


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