Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Thanksgiving Ramble

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It's a Thankful Thursdays post on a Wednesday night. But still. It's gonna be live all day tomorrow because I won't be posting right away, so - let's just go with it - shall we?

Now ... before I get thankful ... let me ramble a bit.

I fell off the NaBloPoMo wagon.

To be honest, I'm not sure how on it I ever actually was. But I tried.

I was slightly motivated, and regrouping w. my blogging friends DID help me remember to write more. But I fell off and haven't really written in a few days.

I started a few posts and did nothing w. them.


I donno what happened, exactly. I just dropped off.

Although if I publish this tonight, Weds night, I'll only have missed two days since my last post - which isn't THAT bad, right?

Just say right.

There - thank you so much for your support. *wink*

So, happy night before Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving Eve.

I know I wrote last year about how in years past Thanksgiving Eve was like the BIGGEST NIGHT OUT OF THE YEAR.

Did you not go out on Thanksgiving Eve, people?

If you didn't, well, I just don't know who you are anymore.

Because we went out. We went out to clubs and bars and we danced and drank and then the next morning we (okay, I - I did) slept in til just about noon when our mom woke us up or we were in our own apartment in the city and we caught Santa on the parade right before it ended.

And tonight my daughter is watching Teen Titans Go! and I'm at the laptop and my husband's only been home from work for like an hour or so and yes, it is 8:32 pm, thank you for asking.

So we're such a far cry from that night out in Long Island. Or Manhattan. Or Brooklyn. Or Queens. Dear G-d, so many places, sometimes more than one in one night. Ehem.

But I think of the friends I would go with then.

My roommates. My cousins. My best friends.

All of 'em.

And I think to myself how much fun it was to spend a night like tonight with people I cared for. And people I loved. And I think - huh - look at that. Location and atmosphere? Different. Mood? Different. People I'm with? Different. But. The same.

People I love.

People who love me.

People who matter.

I miss so many people around the holidays. People who mean the world to me. People I'll see sometime soon - no doubt - and people like my dad, who I miss so hard, even though for much of my life Thanksgiving wasn't a holiday we spent together until he got home with the turkey after a long and exhausting day of work.

But we were still together. Family. Us. Together.

After all, isn't that what the holiday season is all about? Thinking, loving, remembering family. Everyone. The ones who are here and the ones who have passed. The ones you see regularly and the ones you miss hard. The ones who know what you're thinking without you saying a word. The ones who make your heart swell. All the ones. Each one.

Remember them. Think of them. Be thankful for them all.

I know I am.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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  1. Oh, I remember those Thanksgiving Eves....we would go to Wantagh, Long Island and bar hop as best we could, then end the night at a diner.

    Tonight, the kids and I decorated cookies and then the hubby and I watched The Minion Movie...


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