Friday, June 3, 2016

Why I Still Blog

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I know I don't need to write this. And no, it's not a letter to anyone. It's not click-bait, either, I promise. I've written posts similar to this before and with all the chatter that's been happening on social media these days I felt motivated, inspired, I don't know - just simply in the mood to share a few reasons I still blog. Or, as my beautiful graphic states - five very important reasons I still blog. So stay with me!

I still blog because I love to write.

I love sitting down and sharing things that matter to me. Whether it's books - and yes, I know I've been writing about books A LOT lately! - or food, family or friendship, I write because it means something and I want to share it.

I still blog because I love to read. 

I still read blogs. Do you? I know so many people who state that their blogs are now their business and they don't have the time to read other people's blogs because what for? And that makes me sad. Because I still read blogs. Maybe not as often as I used to - but social media kind of shifted that course a bit and tends to suck me into a vortex of sorts! But I really enjoy keeping up with friends and seeing what they're up to, personally and professionally. And their blogs help me to do that. I also really like supporting them when I can, whether it's with a tweet or a contest entry, or just a comment so they know someone's reading. Granted, that happens less these days, but I'm trying to get back to it!

I still blog because I love to connect.

The art form of connecting through blogging took a huge hit when Facebook came along. A really huge hit. But in the same breath Facebook brought some incredible ways of connecting with those bloggers I knew who had already become friends. You don't think I have 700 or so FB friends that I just hang out with in real life like every day, right? I connect with bloggers, writers, authors, people who put themselves out there in the world that is social media and I find them - relate to them - they listen to me - I listen to them - and we're friends.

True, there are a good handful among the 700 or so that are probably not really my friends. People who requested me for one reason or another, thinking I'd be a good contact to have, thinking I was someone they had crossed paths with in a Facebook group or somewhere and said to themselves, hey, I should request her. But I'll be honest, I use FB as a real platform to be open and honest and real about life and my family. I'm not a fakebooker by any means. And in doing so I'm picky about who I accept as a friend. Is it true that every now and then I see a name pop up (and if I'm being honest, it's usually a birthday reminder!) and say, uh, who is that now? Yes. It's true. I admit it. But we all do that - don't we?

I still blog because of the people.

All those people I mentioned? I still blog because some of them are still reading what I write. Some of them are there when I need them the most. Some of them are there to support me as I get hit with a wave of grief over losing my father. Or as I struggle through the anxieties motherhood brings me. Or as I shout really loudly that I'm about to lose my mind.

I blog because without blogging I wouldn't have met those people. I wouldn't have those connections. Made those friends. I wouldn't have friendships that exist in the tiniest of Facebook groups - where I go to share my innermost angst and my happiest of joys. Where I have friends who know when I need to wallow, and know when they need to help pull me out of it.

I still blog because of me.

I like it. I enjoy it. Yeah, sometimes I'm thinking to myself - dang it - I really wanted to do three posts this week and ARGH! It's already Friday!!! And then I think, well, who cares? Do them when you want to do them. Write about whatever you feel like writing about. Show people who you are and what you represent and why you write and they'll enjoy what you have to say. So, yeah. I write because I love to write. A lot.

So, there you have it. Five reasons for you on why I still blog.

How about you? What motivates you to sit down at the keyboard and type away? What inspires you to write? What makes you feel like you're entitled to be heard? Because you should, friends, you should totally feel that way. You are entitled to be heard. And I'm here. I'm listening. So come on and talk to me.


  1. Although I do agree with all of your reasons, one or the other has often kept me going when I was ready to pull the plug, I do think that there is a lot of negativity in the blogosphere too. It takes a while to figure out who to add into and who to keep out of your circles.

  2. I agree. I blog because I enjoy it and hope that I can make a difference for other people with hearing loss. I try to ignore the ups and downs in the blogosphere and stay focused on my goals. Glad you are too!

  3. I definitely write for me and it gives me a voice that I sometimes feel like I don't have anymore. I love reading others blogs and love to comment on them. It doesn't take but a minute to leave a comment and sometimes makes your day. I have had tons of views on different blog posts and no one bothered to comment, why? They told me later they loved it if I ran into them somewhere. Well then take 5 minutes out of your busy life to tell someone that...Great post!

  4. I still read, too! Though I'll admit that I'm so guilty of usually clicking like or love or wow or whatever on FB instead of commenting like the good ol' days.

    I love the connections.

    I like the outlet.

    Earlier this week, I was thinking about how it seemed like I was just dropping off my 5th grader at kindergarten and boom! I could go back and read the post about the worries I had about sending him off, complete with pics of that adorable little face. Blogging gave me that.

    I do feel like it's changed in many ways over the years, but it's still here. And I'm still here. And I'm glad you are, too. <3

  5. insightful post - I wonder what your thoughts are about readers who aren't bloggers. I follow your blog regularly, among around 30 others, because I've found that your unique voice responds to events in my own or my family's life. I learn from your struggles, and i enjoy your recommendations.

    As important as the blogger community is to bloggers, all of your truly unique voices are heard by an unknown readership. So I'm glad you keep blogging because it's important to you - it's important to all of us readers as well.

  6. All 5 reasons have been mine since I started blogging. One reason I keep doing it is because without it I would have stopped writing. I love to write but my insecurities keep me away from the keyboard...blogging goes out into the universe and I have no idea if anyone is reading. I would love to consider myself a writer, but I still find myself saying things like...this is Andrea she is a real writer. So I work on writing!

  7. Thanks for sharing your writing and your reasons!
    After almost ten years of blogging I would say I'm simply addicted. As I live my life I am always looking for interesting experiences to share with others. Sometimes they are mainly informative, others are just for fun or to crack somebody else up with my crazy mind and how it works. I love the whole experience and so I won't be quitting anytime soon...

  8. Everytime I try to step away from blogging, I find I miss it. I finally realized that I do love to connect. I love when what I write resonates with someone enough to comment. And mostly I realized this is my way of journaling.

  9. I have been blogging for less than a year. I wanted to blog for much longer but it took me a while to actually do it. I find trying to gain readership a bit tedious. However, I have gained some blogging friends that I enjoy hearing from each week and I have discovered blogs that I now read faithfully. I enjoy the writing and sharing...that is why I do it. :)


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