Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grateful for friendships that pull you out of the darkness - or let you stay there if you need to.

Do you ever feel stretched too thin?

Sometimes I feel that way.

I feel as though my heart wants to do so so much and so my head jumps in fully and then before I know it too much gets lost along the way.

And then there's so much to do and so many things to think about and suddenly ...

I stop.

I stop it all.

I hole up a bit.

I freeze.

I go off track.

Try not to be found.

I'm here - but I'm not answering the phone.

I've got my music blaring and my head is elsewhere.

My heart's exploding because the emotions are bubbling to the surface and suddenly I recognize.

I realize that those things ... all of those things ...

They're great. They're wonderful.

I truly DO want to do it all.

But sometimes they're distractions.

Sometimes I want to forget about feeling homesick.

I want to let go of the loss and the grief and the pain.

Sometimes I just want to move forward and find my way through the fog.

Whereas other times I need to wallow in it a bit.

And I need you to let me.

I've got incredible friends who listen when I hurt.

They know who they are. I won't point them out here.

They're the kinds of friends who don't need recognition. They're happy functioning in secret.

Supporting. Loving. Listening.

Reminding me that I don't have to come out and play if I don't want to, but that when I do they'll be there.

These are friends that come from this Internet world I call home. This blogosphere that has become so much more than a place to write and share my words.

A place where friendships form and last.

I'm truly grateful for those who pull me out of that darkness, but know me well enough to let me stay in it for a while when I need to.

Because sometimes?

I just need to.


  1. I love this and I "get" it on so many levels except for the fact I don't have any friends like the ones you describe. That wasn't meant as a 'woe is me' because I think it's truly wonderful that you have people you can count on in such an important way.

  2. HUGS!!! I feel you on so many levels, my friend. I'm grateful for YOUR friendship too. Hugs again! <3

  3. Good friends are the best kind. Some of my closest friends are blog-friends-turned-in-real-life friends.

  4. I like how you wrote this--like it's just your thoughts and the process we go through to come to a conclusion. Glad your conclusion was about good friends.

  5. My friends have helped me out of some dark places too. Keep looking for the light wherever you find it.

  6. My BFF has had this saying since college " when you share your joys with a friend, you double them. When you share your worries, you cut them in half". After all these years I found that statement to be true. Friends can be amazing!

  7. The best is when you share the darkness with a friend and they help shed light on it.

  8. I'm loving this Andrea! I used to write just to write and realized how much better I felt after doing so. Keep it up!

  9. Yep I totally get it. Friends like that are priceless.

  10. Awww. Great post. I can so relate.

  11. (( Hugs)) to you and of course we gotcha! We are a tribe, this crazy wonderful, blogging community we belong too. So you just be you!

  12. So true and how wonderful that you have friends like this.. Bloggy ones or ones that are in your every day life can be so hard to find.

  13. Your writing is always so good, Andrea. Thinking of you. This time of year can be tough when one loses a close family member. I wish I could say it gets easier...but thoughts of sadness will always be there. It's just a part of us now...My Dad is been gone almost 10 years. I can't even believe it.

  14. Thank you for being vulnerable. It's a blessing to know that there are friends you can rely on.

  15. Love This! I love the free-write style you used. Finding true friendship can be a once in the lifetime thing but when it is definitely a blessing.

  16. Absolutely agree, I don't have a massive amount of friends here in the US but it's ok because the once I chose to have as friends have become my family and are always there for me.

  17. I feel that way a lot! I'm constantly juggling so much and seem to short change myself. However, it's my friends that have always been there loving me unconditionally & picking me up!


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