Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What to say?

Do you ever think to yourself, I haven't blogged in a while so I should probably sit down and write?


Consider yourself lucky.

I do.

And I'm someone who would call themselves a fairly relaxed blogger.

Relaxed in that I don't believe this is my path to fame.

Relaxed in that I don't check my stats religiously.

Honestly, I only check them when I apply to campaigns. And when I do that I have to head on over to statcounter, although Blogger seems to have better numbers for me - but is probably less accurate, or one would think.

Lately Facebook has become the place for bloggers to engage.

I'm in way too many groups and seem to be added to them behind-my-back and in front of my face. Or however that saying goes.

Now, I'm not saying I mind. Not at all. I just wish Facebook had the etiquette that *I* do. When I invite someone to a group I ASK them if they want to join me. I ASK them if they want in.

When I find myself added to a group I'll be honest, sometimes I want to rebel and just leave. Even if it's the kind of group I'd benefit from.

But I don't always. Which is what? Hypocritical? Not quite. But maybe.


And if you've added me to a group recently, please know I don't BLAME you. I'm not mad or anything. It's Facebook I'm cranky with. Promise.

And I miss Twitter.

Doesn't everyone?

Imagine if all of the people who say they miss Twitter came BACK to Twitter and started to talk to one another? Imagine what a beautiful place Twitter would be?

I think I just scored the highest number of times to use the word Twitter in a run-on sentence or two.

See? I can poke fun at myself.

Maybe that's what Facebook has become? The place where bloggers go to poke fun at themselves in a more controlled space.

But Facebook could disappear in a hot minute. Well, probably not, but still ... all those pictures. Damn. I need to go save every.single.one of them right this minute.

Maybe I'll publish this first, but I mean it.

It's scary how social media works sometimes. Or all the time.

I don't know.

Social media certainly reminds us we're not alone.

I know there's always that one post. Or that one video. Or that one - well - whatever it is - that tells us to get off the computers and the phones and the tablets and go outside. Or look up at our family. Our partner. Our friends. And it always makes me laugh because that person? Their words or images or video has gone viral. And they get all this publicity and recognition (although, admittedly, I usually remember the relaying of the message more than the person who created it) and they're doing pretty much what they tell us not to do in their message.



Social media IS made up of hypocrites.

And back-stabbers.

And those who crunch the numbers and will do anything to get to where they think they want to be.


But ...

But what? ... you ask.

I don't know. It's filled with much more - for sure.


So much more.

But that's a whole 'nother post. Or four.

Or you can go see my friend Tracie again because she has explained it really well already.

Looks like I found some stuff to say, doesn't it?

I'm not even sure where this was headed. Or where to wrap it up.

I just know that "they" say super wordy posts can get passed over pretty quickly. *wink*

So I'm going to head on over to StumbleUpon and see what's happening there.

It's way less stressful. Just way more confusing.

And it's somehow going to get me more exposure, even though it's taken me years to understand it.

So I guess maybe I care.

A little bit.

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  1. I only look at my stats when I have to apply for a campaign, too. I have no idea. It's better that way. I don't obsess over fluctuations because I don't notice them any more. I think I checked my stats last week for a campaign and if you put a gun to my head, I couldn't tell you what they were.

    I'm not in many fb groups. Maybe that's for the best? Or maybe it's a sign I'm not liked, I don't know.

    I do love twitter but I wish people would talk on there like we used to. I still try, but it's hard to find someone who is willing to talk back.

  2. Life is made of hypocrites so it makes sense that social media would be as well. I like your pinable image. A lot. :)

  3. Just pinned your post!

    Social media is just like life - the good, the bad and the not-so-bad. We all need to keep that in mind...

  4. Oh - I love you!
    And it's crazy how much blogging has changed and how much engagement has changed in the mere 2 years I've been in the game - not that I'm even "in the game" anymore or ever was, really. I'll stay in the relaxed camp with you, thanks. And maybe we'll meet up on Twitter sometime ? Just for fun?

  5. I like this post (but I hate Twitter with a passion!). I am a very relaxed blogger in the sense that although I post a lot, I'm totally okay with it if I have to miss some time. Plus, I don't monetize my blog in any way and never will, so when I share my new posts it is only for fun. I don't fret over numbers and I like comments for the sheer pleasure they bring. I join blogging groups because I enjoy connecting with lots of interesting people doing interesting things.

    My blog is a journal of my family life, my scrapbooking, and my crafting. Soon it will have separate sections for my poetry and multimedia language art. I never have to make myself post. I just love it.

  6. I find that social media has eaten me up, it has seem to over taken me.. Me an old lady in the social media world. Tweeting and plussing and pinning... Yep, that is life once you start blogging.. A world that centers around social media. Love your post.

  7. I know that my blog will never a "big" either, but I am one that looks at the stats all the time. First time here, nice blog!

  8. I'm just now seeing this. (Sorry!) I love this. I'm trying to bring old school blogging back. The kind without all of the sponsored posts (which I've been guilty about.) And I'm over on Twitter! Find me! Sometimes I'm quiet, but I want to talk to people. I remember having great conversations with my pocket friends on Twitter. And then my son finally slept through the night, and I haven't been on as much. ;)


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