Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why can't I ever come up with a good blog post title?

I still hate it.

It's like the start of the year all over again.


She is sitting at the table and writing like she never picked up a pencil before in her life.

I don't sit with her anymore. I learned that early on, but tonight? This time? I had to try to explain it to her, have her write the words and so forth and tell her the assignment. And so I watched her and I started sweating.

For G-dssake, child, don't hold the pencil like that.

Not like that, either.

Why are you doing this?

Why won't you write like a big girl?

She wraps her pencil in paper towel.


Sit down, please.

Stop jumping rope.

It's 80-something degrees in here, we don't have the air on yet, and you're sweating like crazy.


Most of this I did not say. Except the first few sentences. About the pencil.

I finally gave her some instruction and walked away.

It's not easy at this time of the year. I get it. It's hot and she just wants to sit down, snack, watch TV. Me, too. I'm human, I know.

She's been doing incredibly well lately, too. I don't feel broken anymore. 

I've stopped overreacting. 

For the most part, anyway.

It's been a good year, this first year apart.

It was rough going early on. Not for her, necessarily. She loved it. But for me. It wasn't easy.

I did learn not to miss her so much.

I also stopped making her the cutest lunches of all time.  You guys knew I would. It was exhausting. I mean, it was cute and all. And she liked them. But she likes any kind of lunch I give her, so we're good.

For the most part we didn't have too many what I learned in Kindergarten moments.

Although she did apparently teach my husband that the "b-word" is not a nice thing to say. Awesome.

And she told me how a tornado is formed. Yup.


I'll be the first to admit that science and I do not get along. So I'm glad she's got her daddy's brain when it comes to that sort of thing.

And I'm glad she had such a positive year.

And I'm also glad I have her scheduled for at least one week of camp this summer.


Because ... seriously?

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to chill some wine. A LOT of wine.

But hey, it's almost always 5 o'clock somewhere, right?


  1. Oh, I hate homework!

    It's even worse this time of year. I'm ready for it to be over(though I do have camps scheduled!).

    sounds like she had a good first year!

  2. My youngest and I battle over homework EVERY night. That is one thing about school ending on Friday. He just doesn't like school. I don't know if he ever will. That makes for 10 more long years. Good luck this summer.

  3. It's so hard. Let her do a crappy job and email the teacher and let her handle it... well, maybe not now, but next year...

    I did start no TV on weeknights and that helped. AT first it was finish your homework neatly and correctly, but that was still a battle. No choice helps.

    You've done great, Mamma and so has she.

  4. Aw! This is so sweet. It's all a journey and you two are such a cute pair as you go on it together. It sounds like a great first year of school. You did great, mama! (and so did she!)

    (And I thought this title was totally catchy. I couldn't wait to click on it when I saw it in my feed!!) --Lisa

  5. Oh I've heard so many stories about the homework battles! Something I am definitely not looking forward to. :(

  6. Felt like I read what I did a couple of days ago when my son drove me crazy with his writing homework. Sigh. Good to know I'm not alone in this homework battles.

  7. My son is in JK which I think is considered preschool in the US?
    He gets homework.


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