Saturday, October 13, 2012

Everything I need to know ...

I supposedly learned in Kindergarten.

Well, so far my daughter has learned:

* To stay on green and not go to yellow, orange or red.
* It will take four blues to get to purple, and she is not even remotely close at this time.

* Little girls will call her ugly, stupid and make fun of her clothes, shoes and other things.
* These behaviors will make me want to head up to the school and tell off these little brats for talking like this to my beautiful child.

* The child has learned how to flip someone off. Mainly me.

I'll set the scene. It's bedtime. She's practically under the covers. I hear her rustling and she says, "Mommy, do you know what this means?" and up comes her middle finger.

What the WHA?

Who showed you that, I asked? So-and-so, the little friend from the bus. You shouldn't do that, it's not very nice. You don't do that to people because it isn't nice and because if you do you could get into a lot of trouble.

"Okay, Mommy, I won't do this ..." (I JUST TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!!!)

Explanation continued, with words like, trouble, not nice, mean, we don't do that. These words were correlated in her little head to be 'like when you tell someone they are ugly and that isn't nice,' so what's a mom to do?

Yes, I said. That's exactly right.

We don't use the word stupid in our house and now I get to worry about other little kids calling her ugly or stupid? Whatever, dudes. This is not acceptable.

I need to put these wee ones in their place. Okay, fine, they just need to stop it. It's not cool. AT ALL.

Then my husband calls me this morning after drop-off to tell me she told him that yesterday on the way home she was crying on the bus because *A* (her little middle-fingered-friend) didn't sit with her. They always sit together.

And so it begins.


What's next - I wonder? Any ideas?

All I can say is that if my child wants to go to school with her hair done in multi-braided randomness, I, for one, am going to LET her. She's FIVE. She deserves to express herself as best she can - within reason - and if some little goober is going to make fun of her I am going to support her through it and teach her that it ISN'T NICE to talk to people that way and we should respect our differences.

Saying someone is ugly or stupid is wrong. It's not a nice way to treat our friends.


Now look ... isn't she beautiful?



  1. she is beautiful. i had two kids come home yesterday upset because their "friends" were mean to them. kids are jerks. :(

  2. she is beautiful. i had two kids come home yesterday upset because their "friends" were mean to them. kids are jerks. :(

  3. Beautiful!!! Good life lessons momma- hang in there!!!!

  4. She is BEAUTIFUL! I am so sorry you are starting the mean girls (kids) journey so early. :(

  5. My son had a really rough transition to school. He cried every day. I think it pegged him in the class as a suck or something.
    He didn't play with anyone and kept to himself. When he started to open up he made friends which was a relief...then one day he said that a kid locked him in the washroom.
    I let it slide.
    Then he said the kid punched him in the face with a car.
    That he was spit on by the same kid.
    The same kid told him his shirt was ugly.
    And that's when mama bear marched into the school and told the teacher that I wasn't above punching the fuck out of a 4 year old child who is putting their hands on mine.
    My sister was a victim of bullying and ask me how many faces I've broken with my fist.
    Don't fuck with family ever.
    Problem solved.

  6. It's awful. We went through it too. And we're still going through it. Kids are such assholes, and after meeting their parents I see where they get it. THey are doing to the other children what their moms and dads are doing to them. So sad.

    I told that to Jake and it helped him some to know that the kids were only trying to hurt other kids because they are hurting so badly. It's such a sad cycle.


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