Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sit Down And Write, Even When You Have Nothing To Say.

I've been missing.

I have not posted in a week and I realized that just now when I went to look at my own blog. And coming off of a November full of posts? That kind of sucks.

But ...

I've been working and editing and writing and whatnot.

But ...

I've been sick with a damned cold that is making me crazy because you guys?



Or something like that.

I'm super #sadpanda or #sadface or whatever hashtag stresses this tremendously.

So it's a free write and I'm sick and my cough medicine isn't strong enough but I'm not sure if I should take the stronger one because I *might* be slightly allergic to one of the ingredients and so then what?

And it's Chanukah.

It's Chanukah, people. And I'm not ready tonight to write about how much it sucks to have the holiday without my dad and so on and so forth because if I cry when I have a cold I won't be able to breathe and can't stop coughing and enough is enough already, don't you think? I mean, COME ON.

Anyway, this is a free write where I just say a bunch of things because I miss doing so and I miss you people and your comments and I want to whine and have someone come over and make me tea and chicken soup - only not really because I have had over seven straight days of tea and am tea-d out and peed out - if you know what I mean.

And so, here I am.

Seven days ago I had not yet read Furiously Happy (aff link) by the one and only Bloggess. I had not yet published my first post on Postpartum Support International. I did not yet have my bio up on Midlife Boulevard to show my smiling face in my not-so-new-but-still-fresh role of editor.

I had not yet listened to both, Adele AND Justin Bieber's new albums (also aff links) like 900x in a row. Each. To the point where if I wake up in the middle of the night I'm finding myself singing them in my head. Yes. Both of them. And yes. I did just compare that Bieber kid to Adele. There's no comparison, of course, and yet, I like both. Hmmn. What happened there, I wonder?

Anyway - that's that. Just an outpouring of my brain. Hope you're still reading. And if you are, tell me what's new with you. Because there's a strong likelihood I've missed it while sitting here sipping hot tea and coughing ... really hard ... you guys, this cough suuuuccckkks.

Peace out.

Oh - - and don't forget to go and enter the American Girl Doll Giveaway I'm hosting with some friends. There are loads of entries - but I want YOU to win. *wink*


  1. Oh girl <3 I sure hope you feel better soon!
    I've been pretty whiney myself, as you know from FB. But someone *cough cough* (oops! sorry!) sent me a gorgeous new blankie that is pretty freakin cozy, so it's making things not so bad afterall.
    Not sure if you've tried this, but when I had walking pneumonia a few years back, the doc suggested a bean bag or rice bag heated up and laid on my chest for 10-15 mins at a time. The slightly damp heat helps the cough somehow, and the heat helps soothe those tired muscles. I would also lay a hot, damp washcloth on my throat occasionally for the same reason. Not medicine, but it helped me through the worst of it.
    Sending loves and hopes of a speedy recovery. And if you need to whine, you know I'm just a text or email away <3

  2. Sending you so much love. Hope you get well soon. Wishing you an easy Chanukah filled with light and peace and wonderful memories of your dad. Hugs my friend.

  3. Breathe! And editor of ML Boulevard? Congratulations! My favorite jobs have been that of editing!! Here's to you feeling better, my sweet friend. xo


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