Friday, December 18, 2015

Keep Our Babies Safe While They Sleep

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If you've ever seen an infant sleep you know that they toss and turn like nobody's business. 

And if you've done your research you know that little ones aren't supposed to have blankets in their crib with them - fear of SIDS and other incidents has discouraged that practice for many years now. There are too many unknowns. Researchers also say that bumpers and stuffed animals should not be in the crib at bedtime or nap-time, as well. 

There are several incredible products out now that keep our babies cozy at night and ensure that they are safe, as well. 

Baby Sleeps Safe is a product that does just that. 

Approved by The National Parenting Center, Baby Sleeps Safe is a sleeveless and collarless sleep pouch that is perfect to keep your sweet baby warm, comfortable, and safe while they sleep.

The product has been created by a mom (yay for mom entrepreneurs!) and several experts in child development. Baby Sleeps Safe helps ensure that your baby stays asleep on his or her back, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). 

For more information on keeping your baby safe while asleep you can start by reviewing this Parent's Guide to Safe Sleep, created by the AAP. And to find out more about the Safe to Sleep program, head to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Baby Sleeps Safe is available on Amazon for 23.99 (affiliate link) so you can buy your very own for your little one today. Or you can enter below to win one of two that I'm giving away on behalf of the company. So go on and enter. And good luck!

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* This post is sponsored by Baby Sleeps Safe. The product will be provided to two winners via the company. Good Girl Gone Redneck is not responsible for providing the prizes to the winner. 


  1. I learned a lot about safe infant sleep through work. It's so scary how many unsafe bedding products are sold. You think because they're being sold at Babies R Us, they're safe, but they really aren't. I'm glad there's a call to ban bumpers too.

  2. Our son went such a long time without blankets in his bed, and we used sleep sacks/pouches with him. I also had a baby monitor that would alarm if/when he wasn't breathing. (Now when we was able to move, that monitor would go off randomly scaring the daylights out of me.) I'm glad that we're a little (lot!) more wise with this second one coming. I know all of the products I need and that are unnecessary! (Hello, dumb crib bumper/waste of money!)


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