Friday, August 31, 2012

Have you seen my pictures lately? #VZWA

I'm totally addicted to Instagram. Have you been following me on there lately?

If you're a new friend, you may not have noticed the increase in my Instagram photography, but I can guarantee I'm even more addicted than before since I've had the Samsung Galaxy S3 to play around with.

You can look to the upper righthand side of the page here for a small sampling of my Instagram shots. Almost all of them (likely all, but just in case!) were taken with this phone. And they pretty much rock.

I mentioned in my previous post (see below for link) that I am in love with the camera on this phone. For the most part that remains true. A few quirks I'll get to later and we'll see what you think when I weigh out the exceptional pros and the occasional con.

So, let's begin!

I received my phone before heading to New York for vacation and was happy to test out my camera with some scenic shots.

A beautiful Brooklyn sky:

It's really pretty, right? Captures the blue sky, the red and orange tons of the sun as it is setting, the crispness of the contrast between the clouds and the sky. I sound all corny, but I like taking pictures, as if you couldn't guess.

And then we went to see the in-laws in Maine. They live off a pond and it was a perfect opportunity to test out the camera.

Quiet moment on the pond:

No filter has been added to either of those images, I've only watermarked them with a property of notation.

So those are still shots, which are obviously easy to capture, but the quality of the camera is pretty impressive for a cell phone, at least any cell phone I've ever used for photo-taking purposes.

 I used the phone the other night at a baseball game. I even took some shots of the fireworks display. A few of them came out well, and a few of them came out blurry. I did want to share a night shot, to show that with the flash I was able to capture the kids in the darkness, even though I could barely see where they were standing myself!

Watching in awe:

Again, no filter and a still object, but nighttime and pretty dark (they were facing the fireworks so you can see there were none in the air at the time of this shot) and it still came out pretty well.

So those are some of my positives about the camera in the Galaxy S3. I'm a fan so far. Even with the negatives I've experienced. The camera does tend to crash, or simply close on me, when I'm setting myself up to take a picture. I don't know if I happen to hit a button, or I set something off or what, exactly. But it is super sensitive.

Sometimes I get really blurry shots. It's easy to find yourself chasing down your kid or your pet and wind up with part of the shot showing up clearly and the rest of it in a whir of motion. No different than my camera, which may not say much for my camera, but I am noticing that it captures more of the shot than my regular cell does. Or I should say did, as I'm rarely using that camera now that I have this one.

And as you can say for most things, there are certainly more positives and negatives to discuss, so weighing the pros and cons is what I'll continue to do as I use both, the phone and the camera. I'll be sharing all of it here with you, so stay tuned for more posts with my honest feedback.

* I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador Program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

For more information on my experience with this phone, see: New Apps and my Galaxy S3

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  1. I'm constantly amazed at the quality of the cameras on these new-fangled phones. Mine functions more as a computer that I can also use to take pictures and, every now and then, make phone calls.


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