Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting back on the horse.

I'm getting physical again. 

For real this time. 

Yeah. I know. I seem to say that every time. 

I was doing amazingly well. I really was. I know I slacked some, and the heat really threw a wrench into my outside workout plans. And then I went on vacation, traveled for way too long, and probably haven't worked out since. 

I feel like crap. I feel like I look like crap. 

I've also felt like I've battled a cold for weeks, and it's kicking me in the behind. The not-so-tiny behind that I own. 

And yeah, I'm all for fat acceptance. It's what I want for myself. There is SO much on this blog that you can read about where I have been, where I am hoping to GO. And on and on. And as much as I want that, I also want to be less fat. Get rid of some pounds that weigh me down, hold me back, do whatever it is they do - they take on a power of their own and it's enough, already. It sucks and it has to stop. 

I've been at this since last January, and I knew I'd get back on track come January '13. But I want to do it before then. I don't want the few pounds that returned to stick around. I want 'em gone again. For real. 

So I joined a challenge on facebook and am hoping it will kickstart my motivation to get me back on track. I'd love to continue, pick back up, those Sunday fitness and wellness updates I was doing while I stayed focused. They were really inspiring for me. Motivating, ya know? 

I need to keep on myself. 

I eventually DID create that Finding Fitness facebook group for myself and some friends, but I have sucked royally at making it work for me. And I need to change that. NOW. 

I'm back. Today is the day, even with the cold and the cough and so much more weighing me down. I'm starting now. 

Are you in? 


  1. Good luck, it's hard to stay on the fitness kick. I need to get motivated myself.

  2. You are in fab company! My goal this weekend is to find the treadmill that is downstairs. But you know what - realizing you're off the wagon is start and you have some great events coming up to help you stay on track! (or keep getting back on the hose) =)

  3. Stay motivated. That's the key. I am on Day 28 of the Insanity Workout. It's insane for sure. I've been writing about it here and there on my blog.


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