Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where were we? #amwriting

This is the latest installment of the story of Matt and Em.

You can find their entire story here.

This exact scene takes place immediately after this one.


"Em ..."

He looked at her, searching for a sign. Any indication that ... his throat swelled shut ... that his baby, their baby ...


She startled him into focus.

She looked beautiful. Not a hair out of place. Unusual for her. Was she okay? Then he saw it. Her eyes blazed. She was pissed.


He still hadn't answered her. What the hell was he doing IN her car? She knew she had been avoiding him, but for him to break into her car? What the HELL?

His eyes looked cloudy. In fact, he looked like crap. What had happened to him? Was he okay?

"Matthew? Can you hear me?"

He looked up at her, appeared to be taking her in. It was then that she noticed. He was crying.

"Matt. Matt, come on. You need to get yourself out of my car."

She reached towards the door. He started pulling it shut. Her foot shifted. Just enough movement to stop him short.

"What the HELL, Matthew? Get out of my damned car!"

He shook his head.

"No? NO? Are you KIDDING me?" Another shake. "You are in MY car, Matt. I can actually call the cops on you. GET.OUT.OF.MY.CAR."

"Not until you speak to me."

What the? Was he serious?

"I AM SPEAKING TO YOU. Get the freak outta my car!" She watched him laugh, just a little.

"That's not what I mean, Em, and you know it." He appeared to be gaining control of himself and the situation before her eyes. And her. Damn him. She took a few loud and deep breaths.

"I will speak to you. As SOON as you step out of my vehicle, Sir."


"What the f--- what are we FIVE?"

"Promise, Em. I'm staying put unless ..."

"Fine. Fine. I promise."



"Give me your keys, Em."

She stood, fuming. Lifted her arm high and held the keys.



She dropped them. They scratched the paved parking lot with a twinge of sound.

"Nice, Emmalyn. Real nice."

"Says you."

He got out. In a flash she picked up her bag and keys, right before slipping into the driver's seat. She slammed the door behind her. In as many seconds as it took her to get settled and try to start the car he slid in beside her.

"Damn it, Matt."

He grabbed hold of her hand.

"How's our baby?"

She looked up at him, anger dissipating quickly. Eyes welling up.

The tears surfaced and started to stream down her cheeks.


"I don't know."

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  1. Excellent! Oh you always pull me in w/ all the tension and heat in your characters!


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