Thursday, August 2, 2012

New apps and my Galaxy S3

Have you seen my new phone yet? Probably not - I'm too busy taking pictures WITH it to take pictures OF it.

I'm a Verizon Wireless Ambassador and I've been given an opportunity to use and review the Samsung Galaxy S3. See - look - here she is.

Beautiful isn't she? And so far? Pretty flawless.

I'll admit that I'm still learning the ropes and for sure I've got a lot to learn. But when I compare this phone and the service to my current phone - well, let's just say I'm using one more than the other these days. Any guesses as to which?

I still use my regular cell for phone call purposes. It has just been easier than giving my friends and family a new number for temporary use. But I do plan on using it more when I'm traveling over the coming weeks. That should be a good test to see how the service works in various areas of the country. I'll report back on that when I'm done. But for now I'm seriously talking apps with you.

If you didn't know yet (although you must by now!) I'm headed to BlogHer in New York City this week. And all of the traveling and planning and so on have my head turning in 900 different directions.

So I've been itching for apps that will help me manage my trip and the conference.

And seriously, people, the applications I have downloaded onto this new phone? By using the new phone and the 4G LTE network? OMG, people - the speed is RIDICULOUS.

Can I just tell you that this morning I downloaded a new app called Lemon. It helps you manage your money. You can scan your receipts by taking pictures of them and it helps you keep track of your expenses, budget, etc. [sidenote thanks to Annie of Mama Dweeb for sharing this app info with me!] Anyway, I started to install the app on my Galaxy S3 and it was there in seconds. Seriously - it was almost under a minute. I could have blinked a few times and there it was.

A few minutes later I decided to try to download it on my other phone. If I had let it be I would still be waiting. This is totally unfair. I may never be able to give this phone back (see disclosure information below for more on how I have this phone for testing purposes).

In under 20 minutes I was able to download and sign into apps like Lemon, Evernote, Eventbrite and even the BlogHer12 app! It took no time at all. My old phone? She's on hiatus for this trip. I'll use her minimally when the charge on my Galaxy S3 needs some juice.

And speaking of - not that I'm trying to go negative here - but I do have to admit that that is one thing I have noticed about the Galaxy S3 that I'm still trying to pinpoint. I'm unable to leave it off the charger overnight. It drains instantly. I have charged it fully and removed it from the plug while I slept to see what happens. Woke up in the AM and the phone was spent. I haven't figured out what drains the energy from it, but that is the only thing I'm struggling with so far.

Honestly, it's not enough to turn me against it, as I almost always plug my phone in at night anyway. I just wonder how it will do for my trip, being used more and away from a charger for longer periods of time. That's what is next for me to try to review.

I suppose it's possible it's all the amazing apps I'm instantly downloading, but I hope it's something easier to address than that, because I'm already addicted to having such quick and easy access to these apps, and I don't think I'll be giving them up that easily!

Oh wait! I almost forgot about the most important part. The camera. This camera is freakin' awesome. I'm serious. I'm in love with this camera. I can't stop with the picture taking. I've written so much already that I think I have to devote an entire post to the camera. So that's all I'll say for now and I'll leave you with this adorable self-taken-pic of me and my daughter in our Verizon shades.

* I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador Program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. 


  1. Wow, how cool that you get to try it out! I still have a very old school phone - the most tech thing it can do is take pics (and blurry ones at that). LOL!

    Have fun this weekend!

  2. I love this this phone look and fill. I've heard nothing but great things about it. Great to know some else likes it and that it runs fast. Love the screen size an the pictures look great.

  3. I so wish my camera had a phone!


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