Friday, August 17, 2012

Go find me ...

I am not here today.

I mean, I am obviously here, but not here, too.

You can find me over at Just.Be.Enough, where I am lucky to be sharing my thoughts on being vertically challenged.

Just.Be.Enough is a wonderful website with a goal of empowering us all.

From their about us page:

Just.Be.Enough. will share the stories, the voices, the truths of many. Its mission is to empower, inspire, and remind women, parents, and children that that the time has come to celebrate ourselves. We must. We must carry the weight of confidence and empowerment on our shoulders instead of allowing the burden of our flaws and imperfections to push us down.

So please head over and check out my post at their site today. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to have them share your story for you, as well!

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