Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dream a little dream

Today's optional prompt for Stream of Consciousness Sunday is dreams.

Today we went to an orientation for Kindergarten for the little miss. A sort of seminar type set-up in the library of what will be her school. It was hectic. Hot. Chaotic.

Slightly disorganized. But enjoyable, kind of sort of.

We had ice cream after the talk part, so that was nice.

And then I realized that - wow - in a few weeks I'll be the mom of a kindergartener. Is that a word? I suppose it is. It looks funny, but it is a word.

Will she be nervous? Will she be motivated? Will she love it? Will she even remember it when she's older? Do any of us actually remember K?

I found my best friend that year of school. I lost her and then found her again in junior high school. We're still best friends today.

Do I wish for that for my daughter? Do I hope she finds that now and makes that lifelong connection that carries her through each school, through college? Her future college roommate? The one she tosses her cap into the air and reaches over, smiling, hair flying behind her, shouts of "We did it!" in unison. One of the many who will stand beside her on her wedding day?

I dream that she finds that connection somehow. Whether it be this year or next. Or many down the line.

But right now I just dream that she listens to me for a change and allows me a chance to drop the worries that she is going to go off to Kindergarten and be the child in class who doesn't stop talking, has their parents called in during the first few weeks and cannot turn off the sass.

And at this point I have no idea how long I've been typing - as my dogs wanted in - my child wanted food and she is refusing to stop a new and annoying habit of echoing her own words. So I suppose my first dream is that she will STOP that behavior and NOT carry it to K with her. So yeah, there's that.

And then, after that dream comes true, then I'm sure that I'll continue to dream about seeing her like this, just a much more grown-up version.

Perhaps for the time being it's easier on me to just think about the simpler stuff. The stuff that gets under my skin and makes me dream hard and fast with hopes for tomorrow, instead of way down the line. I can tolerate those dreams. They're way less scary for a mom like me.


  1. Awww that's so sweet. Our dreams for our children change and grow right along with them.

  2. super sweet! i have one going into kindergarten this year. i'm so excited and nervous for him. she'll be fine!!!!! promise. :)

  3. I can't believe my younger niece is already DONE with kindergarten! She started first grade this past week, and that hardly seems possible.

  4. I do stay in contact with people I met in first grade -- because of Facebook. This new generation will be able to keep in as much contact with people as they want because of social media. My 11 yo daughter met a boy at the beach and with texting they've stayed in touch. That wouldn't have happened 10 years ago. (Don't really know if that's bad or good.) Good luck with kindergarten.

  5. I remember a lot of my kindergarten year. I hope she finds a great little best friend and has a wonderful start to her school career.

  6. I bet she will do great! I hope she finds very good friends in kindergarten.

  7. My youngest is heading to Kindergarten this fall too. It is scary how fast time goes by. Both our kids will do great!

  8. If I can survive kindergarten x 2, you can do it with Izzy!

    p.s. it's amazing to me how well behaved my kids are for other people (i.e. their teachers, babysitters, soccer coaches), and reserve their worst fits for ME.

    so set aside your worries, mama b/c i bet she will wind up being the angel of the class!

  9. She's going to have amazing times. I just know it. How can you be that cute and not?!

  10. I'm obviously still in denial. Or distracted. Or desperate.

    Depends on the day.

    But I LOVE that picture. Pure perfection right there.


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