Monday, March 28, 2016

Writing Outside My Safe Space

I've written a few pieces in recent days that I'd love you to have a look at.

I'm over at Coffee Table Confessions today talking about why I hate homework. Or why I hate doing homework with my kiddo.

I mean - haven't we all already been there? Do we have to do this again? Le sigh.

It's no fun. At all. Seriously.

Honestly, this post was written a little while back, and this year she's doing her homework on her own a bit more - and to that I say HALLELUJAH!!!

But just the same, HOMEWORK IS NO FUN FOR PARENTS!!!

So - head on over to find me at Coffee Table Confessions and let me know your thoughts.

And this past weekend I was over at Her View From Home. 

If you know my history you know I lost my dad a few years ago. And it's been quite the struggle to find my way through my grief. There are so many thoughts, so much to process. It's a rough road, but I do the best I can. And then the holidays come and there are so many reminders. So many memories - moments lost - never to be recaptured. Only my memories and my heart can hold him close. And so I've shared a bit of that with you and the Her View From Home readers. I hope you'll stop by. I'd truly appreciate the support.

And lastly, my other recent piece was over on the Postpartum Support International blog. I wrote about motherhood - and why there are good and not-so-good moments, but why motherhood is who I am. Motherhood is Me.  I have been posting there pretty regularly and you can find a list of my submissions, along with any other posts I've done outside of this blog on my Where To Find Me page. I hope you'll do some digging and have a look at what I've been up to. And stop over to PSI - consider sharing some of the posts with moms in your life. Moms in need of support and a reminder that they're not ever alone.

As always, my friends, thank you for the support. I obviously love my home here - but it's also pretty cool to be submitting elsewhere and to find people who enjoy my words. I'll keep doing that, and I hope you'll keep on reading.


Carla said...

I love seeing you everywhere :-) it's like running into a friend someplace special you didn't think they even knew about. HEY YOURE HERE TOO??

Lois Alter Mark said...

I love reading your writing - wherever it is!

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