Sunday, November 8, 2020


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Have you listened to Taylor Swift's [fairly] new song, exile yet?

I can play that song on repeat a trillion times a day, and it tears me up every time. 


They're so interesting, aren't they? 

We see them in retrospect. We blink, and they appear, often too late. 

And then we get stuck. 

Like a hamster on a wheel.

Replaying and replaying.

Each and every sign. 

We find ourselves wishing.




But we can't.

We can't rewind. 

Not magically. 

Not really.

We can't see the signs that were there before he left.

We can't see the signs that were there before we lost her. 

We can't see the signs that were there all along.

We want to say we can't imagine they were there and we missed them.

And yet.

We did.

We do. 

We miss the signs. 

But what becomes most important - SO VERY IMPORTANT.

To each and every one of us. 

Is that we let them go.

We cannot stay there. 


Tripping over the signs that are behind us. 

We just can't.

So. Friends.

Let them go.

Those signs. 

They're irrelevant now.

They don't matter.

They mean nothing.

We can't change what happened.

It was not our fault.

We just didn't know.

We didn't see.

We skipped over the signs.

And we need to let them go. 


  1. Some things are just hard to let go...


  2. Oof. It's not our fault. That's something we need to hear over and over again.

  3. Signs, so many times, are seen more clearly in retrospect. I hope you can find some peace in setting them free.

  4. and some signs can mean one thing now and something else altogether a month from now.

  5. Okay, now I need to go listen. It is so interesting the way we often don't see signs until after the fact...or is it that we don't choose to see them until after the fact?


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