Sunday, August 4, 2019

We Move Forward.

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When will it end?

How many lives need to be cut short before we see change?

How many people need to check in with their loved ones to report that they are safe?

That they were 'far from' the latest incident of domestic terror?

That's what this all is, you know?



What do we do?

We move forward.

So many people.

So many lives lost.

So many white men with access to guns.

Weapons beyond what any individual should have access to.

Military grade weapons are NOT needed.

We are not a military nation [hold on - stay with me].

We HAVE a military.

THEY have access to military grade weapons.

We should not.

What can we do?

We move forward.

I will not share the shooters' names here.

Will. NOT.

Yes. Multiple shooters.

More than one incident in 24 hours.

What. The. Fletch?

What is happening?

What is going on?

What - what - what?

Oh, you know.

The same exact things we've been dealing with for-what-seems-like-ever.

The same exact things that break our hearts over and over and over again.

What do we do as our hearts shatter?

We move forward.

My own heart breaks.

My own body flinches.

My own throat closes.

My head hurts.

My eyes fill.

Let's stand up.

Let's call it what it is, friends.


Mass shootings do not occur because of mental illness.

Say it with me.

Mass shootings do not occur because of mental illness.

Mass shootings are acts of domestic terrorism.

Mass shootings happen when someone (statistics show that more frequently than not a white male) decides to take action. To get their hands on a weapon of mass destruction. And to establish a plan and make that plan a reality.

Mass shootings = massacres.

How do we respond to these massacres?

We move forward.

But do we really?

Do we really move forward?


We don't.

We're stuck.

We stay where we are.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

How many more people have to lose their lives before we take action?

How many more tears will be shed before we see change?

How many more lives will be lost before we move forward?



I beg of you.

Move forward.


  1. Thank you for writing this. I've hardly been able to breathe the last few days. I feel like there is an elephant standing on my chest. Bokks on audible. That is what is saving me.

  2. I had to turn off the television this morning.

    Two of the domestic acts of terrorism in the past year happened in my own county. Those were specifically workplace. While unrelated, they occurred less than 10 miles apart. And, 10-15 miles from my home. In suburbia which abuts a rural area.

    No one is immune.


  3. You know what? The day of the first shooting, there was a shooting OUTSIDE of my home. Right in front of my house, Five shots, which could have left far more than the intended target injured (or killed)

    Violence is not confined to 'mass' shooters, it is everyday, and it is not just one color of person. Please get that out of your heads. Shootings in Chicago, LA, NY even my small town happen daily.


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