Sunday, September 9, 2018

Just Do It.

Summer is still kicking it hard here in North Carolina.

The temperature is beastly.

The sun is shining beyond brightly. It's literally (fine, I know. It's figuratively, but that's so much less fun to write!) melting us at sun to skin contact.

And me?

I'm finding my way through each transition of my life. One day at a time.

This post is more of a 'let's touch base about this one particular matter' and I'll tell you things that have been on my mind, than an actual, 'here's a piece about something heavy,' kinda post.


Let me start off saying one single word.


And then I'll defer directly to Kaepernick's IG post. Because it's a must-see.

And after that? I'm going to share my favorite. Because. Well, just look.

Serena is all the things, my friends.

She is ALL. The. THINGS.

Have you seen the jackasses who are burning their 3-day-old Nikes?

I can't believe the stupidity.

Guys. Men. Gentlemen (?).


The problem with this country hasn't always been what we see right in front of us.

How can I say that? - I'm sure you're wondering.

Because, you guys. I'm white.

Yes, I'm Jewish, and to some that's not white enough.

But as a white woman the hatred that is out there?

The insanity (I am a licensed mental health professional. I believe I have the authority to use this small statement wisely.).

It's not been up front and center all the time for white people to see.

But if you're not white? You knew. You know.

And you can tell us I told you so. (I can take it. I'm not sure about some of the snowflakes in your life, but hopefully by now you've weeded them all out!)

I'm hitting submit on this now as I know soon enough it'll be outdated. But you know what? I don't care. I still wanted to write it, and so I did. And so. Here it is. Here I am. Just ... thinking out loud.

Reminding you. Reminding myself. Reminding us all.

Do it.

Do whatever it is that you're afraid of.

Do whatever it is that's holding you back.

Do whatever it is that YOU feel is right, even if you're worried that the people in your life will think it is wrong.

Do it.

Just go on, friends. I've got your back. I see you. I'm here.

Just do it.

Because no matter what - you need to stay true to yourself.

So. Do it.

Today. Tomorrow. The next day.

Do it because you can and you need to. Not because anyone made you feel as though you *should*.




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** I have no initial source for the image I'm using above. I found this a million years ago and popped it into one of my posts. And perfectly enough, I think it's an appropriate fit right here. So. Go on. Let me see what you can do.


  1. I love that last one. :) Also, I love this campaign. I can't wear Nike shoes (my feet just don't do well in them), but I will continue to buy Nike clothes. No burning anything over here! ;)

  2. I'm not going to stop buying Nike things for my kids because of this--the Nike things in my donation bag were put in there weeks ago because my son doesn't like the colors, and the hand-me-downs are a bit dated (not that I have to explain myself). Or make them stop wearing them.

    I believe in freedom of speech. I'm not boycotting football.

    Serena is Boss!



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