Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Finding Myself

relationships, divorce, finding myself after 40, life after divorce, about me

Each day goes by.

Another aspect of my life shifts.

I blink.

Or I don't.

And I try to find myself.

Each week goes by.

I dig through the rubble.

I breathe deeply.

Or I don't.

And I see myself more clearly.

Each month goes by.

Another thought, another unwritten blog post.

I catch myself smiling.

There she is.

Another month.

Another moment.

Another deep breath in.

With each day, week, month ...

Year, even.

I see where my path has taken me.

I see where I am headed.

And I like what the future holds.

Stay with me, friends.

I'm finding myself again.

And I like who I am.


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