Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My Daughter Is Ten

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* I wrote much of this piece several weeks ago. I was on vacation visiting family and so much was happening in the world that I wrote it - but decided to wait to hit publish. I couldn't come up with the right words to finish it. And so, now I believe that I have. But it will never be "finished" - as we all have so much more to learn about, discuss with, and teach each other. *


How is this happening in 2017?

I know that truly, racism has never gone away.

I know that truly, anti-Semitism has never gone away.

But these effing monsters.

They're not people.

They're heartless.

They're hopeless.

They're horrifying.

My daughter is ten.

How do I describe them to her?

How do I explain to her that they hate us?

How do I explain to her that they hate everyone else, too?

How do I explain to her that they hate everyone who is not like them?

And that our Commander in Chief is not taking the steps needed to protect ALL of the citizens of this country?


My daughter is ten.

How is it so that the world she is seeing through her beautiful eyes is one that looks similar to the one that existed when her paternal great-grandfather lost his first family?

How is it so that the world she is seeing is one that allows people to treat those with skin color different than theirs in a way that shows nothing but hatred?

Yes. I know. You can tell me that this never stopped happening.

I know this. I've written about it. I don't want cookies for knowing (seems that cookies have become a currency for being white and somewhat woke and then going out in public - mostly on social media - to claim as much with your #notallwhitepeople BS) that this has always been the case.

My daughter is ten.

And I want the world to change for her. I want to make it change.

I raise my voice and try to do things and put my money where my mouth is when I can and it never feels like enough.

But I keep going. We all keep going.

Because we have to.

Because our children need us to.

Because it is our responsibility to make things change.

To create a different world for our children.

My daughter is ten.

And my hope is that in the coming years the world she sees will be much more welcoming and supportive and understanding to ALL people.

And so.

I teach her.

I show her.

I explain.

I express.

And I speak truths to her.

Truths that are not always our own. But truths, nonetheless.

My daughter is ten.

And I have a lot of work to do.


  1. The most important thing we can do is teach. So much of what we are seeing stems from plain ignorance. Teach. It's the best way.

  2. You are so right Andrea - we live in a world that is not pretty and seems to be getting worse. All we can do is model grace and kindness and acceptance to our children and pray for them every day.

  3. As always my friend you speak the feelings I fear to express in a way that feels like you've heard them straight from my heart. My son is 20 My daughter is ten. My daughter is 8. My son is 6. I teach them hoping they help bring the change we need so desperately. I teach them wishing they meet and make friends like your daughter and together - change this world. Just as we are trying to.

  4. This was such a well written and beautiful post. This is a tough time to be raising kids. Thank God your has a strong, and conscious mama to help navigate these rough waters. Love you, girl!


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