Monday, August 28, 2017

Car Shopping With

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If you know me well enough - you know I'm not a driver.


But you also know that one of my goals is to get myself behind the wheel and get out there - and in doing so I'll need a vehicle of my own to drive around town in.

Which is exactly where comes in!

I love that immediately offers up information on nearby dealers so I can figure out where to go before leaving the house.

The website gives me an opportunity to have a look at the kinds of vehicles I'm already familiar with, like this gorgeous royal blue F-150 by Ford. And they tell no lies at Lists of what they like and don't like are easily accessible with a thumbs up or thumbs down towards the bottom of the screen.

Or the same one in red. Because, well, RED! And provides me with info on the new 2018 F-150 (shown below) that I'll want to know more about before giving it a test drive.

And they even have a specific category for used JEEP Wranglers, which is pretty cool, in my opinion. (I'm a fan, in case you didn't guess that.)

With resources on service and repair, along with videos sharing test rides, towing capacity and family features of certain vehicles, covers everything you can think of.

I especially appreciate the resources for first-time car buyers like myself. Like this piece on what I need to know before heading out to go car shopping. 

The site itself is extremely easy to navigate and so simple to use - I would recommend it to anyone who is even considering looking for a car, first-time buyer or not. also has a mobile app to help you while you're on the go - giving you the resources and information you need at your fingertips.

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  1. I love this post from your perspective. What a riot to see what cars you gravitate toward!! You can totally become a driver!

  2. Toot toot YEAH Beep beep!!!
    Happy car shopping :)

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