Thursday, August 15, 2013

Do I have anything in my teeth?

It's been a while since I headed over to Mama Kat's place to find myself one of her writing prompts, but today I so felt like getting prompted - does that even make sense? - and so I popped on by.

What a beautiful surprise to find out that the first prompt was inspired by the lovely Shell over at Things I Can't Say! #BONUS It's an inquiry of the top ten things that make you smile. Perfect! I love this idea!

And then I thought. And thought. And viola! Novel idea from me ... wait for it ...

So, you know how people (ehem, who? me?) tend to share pictures of what they are eating and/or cooking and/or want to be eating and/or drinking on all aspects of social media?

Well, I decided to do a culinary documentation here, and dig through Facebook and Instagram and find you some of my favorite culinary treats. Maybe it's because The Next Food Network Star is over and I'm feeling a hole in my life? Or something. But here goes!

Dad's Chicken Soup 
Jewish Penicillin 

And you can't have chicken soup without ...
Matzo Balls!

Whoop whoop! From scratch! Go, me!

Fried Green Tomatoes


Kale chips with a little parmesan cheese. Ah! YUM!

Marinara sauce from scratch. 
It's a big deal, people. I used real garlic cloves. 
Real ones! Woo hoo!

Black and White Cookie.
New York City style. 

Only I haven't made one yet. 
This one's pretty cute, though, right?

I'm gonna stop there. Because I know you won't follow me on Instagram anymore if I don't. Because I just don't have enough pictures to make a list of ten. Yeah. That must be it.

Anyway, I think this goes to show you for sure that I'm a Jewish Southern girl from New Yawk, all the way. Hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes and chicken soup with matzo balls and homemade marinara on the same list? That's me. In a nutshell.

Hope you enjoyed my masterpiece collection. Stick with me. I'm sure to have more to share in the coming months. I'm really working at cooking from scratch more often, so maybe next time ALL of my pictures will contain food made by me ... what? You didn't think I made that cookie, did you?


  1. I love your take on makes me happy. The Black and White cookie looks especially good right now.

    LOL at your cute trifle.

  2. With the exception of the hush puppies I would love any of those! Fried green tonatoes sound extra good right about now.

  3. Black and White Cookie...YUM!!! I have been wanting to try kale all summer and just haven't have inspired me!-Ashley

  4. I had a British MIL, so I've made her version of "traditional" trifle. And then I made a chocolate-Bailey's one - oh the deliciousness!

  5. Bahahaha! Unsubscribing from Andrea's Instagram feed (just kidding, I'm not even on it, I think...)

  6. Yum. I love so many things on your list!

  7. I soooooooo want one of those black and white cookies. In a bad way. Can I bribe you?
    Just name your price, I'll pay it.

  8. JDaniel loves hush puppies. He would love to try these.


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