Wednesday, July 3, 2013

In 400 words.

I'm forty. Forty years old. A mom. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Sister-in-law. Aunt. Cousin. Social worker. Writer. Dresser of a six-year-old. Launderer of clothes. Non-folder. Friend. Puppy and kitty momma. Animal lover. 

I’m an almond eater. Kale chips fan. Broccoli lover. Anything with melted cheese. Tomatoes with an ‘e’ and mozzarella make me happy. No balsamic required.

I’m an avid reader. I have 900 books on my to-read shelves. Or folders. I’m a recent Kindle user who loves paper in my hands. I have a pen and paper calendar and more journals and notebooks than you could count.

But I live by my laptop and phone. It’s that kind of world I live in these days.

I love to walk, I try to run, I love to dance. Zumba is fun but I don’t do it enough.

I’m recently on this I must go to all the concerts high and trying to do just that. Blake. Miranda. Adam. JT. All.

My allergies suck. I almost always cannot breathe and think that no matter what I try to do nothing will work as I will never get rid of the cats and dogs that are a part of our family. So there.

I’m a native NYer who lives in NC. I wear flip flops all the time. I try to ensure that my toes are always polished. I do them myself.

I’m addicted to reality television, but only when it includes singing, dancing or cooking. I won’t watch someone else eat bugs or worms, as I couldn’t imagine doing it.

I love riding in our boat and going super fast. Wind blowing through my hair, or my daughter’s. Moments of memories. I’ve come to love Go Karts even though I’m a non-driver.

Sparklers and fireworks make me smile. As do cotton candy and Italian ices. I miss NYC pizza so much I wish I could will it here. Not as much as I wish I could do the same with my family. Or my friends. And their families.

Some days I wish I could have everyone that means a lot to me living in one community. Or close enough that we could walk. And we’d have doors open and music playing and our kids would call each other’s mothers mom. Or mama. Momma. Mamacita. Kind of how we did growing up.

I want that, I miss it, I wish it.

Maybe someday.


  1. Aw, so sweet! And, we have a lot in common. I too am a non-folder lover of reality tv.

  2. I love this! I just turned 40 a week ago. I can relate to just about everything you wrote. My husband and I always say that if we win the lottery we would buy up all of the houses in our neighborhood so all our family could be together. That would be so cool.

  3. You haven't lived until you have eaten bugs with friends. Of course if you drive fast with the top down that might happen regardless of whether you want it to or not. ;)

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of being able to have all those I love living nearby. I grew up in a neighborhood where we all went in and out of each other's houses all summer and it was heaven. I *really* wish we lived in a neighborhood like that right now.:(

    Loved reading all of the words about you, my friend!! Wish you were one of the people who lived near me! (I'm allergic to my animals, too, but that's just the way it is! My fur babies aren't going anywhere!!) --Lisa

  5. I love this! I can't wait to retire someday to a land where I can wear flip flops year round. I too do my own nails. :)

  6. Day-um, girl! You're 40?! You do NOT look it! I hope I keep aging well and look as young as you. And I just love cotton candy as much as I did as a kid. It's still the reason I go to carnivals. I'm going to do this 400 words about me this week. :)

  7. It would be wonderful to have my sisters live close by. It would be great to see their children grow up in real time.

  8. I don't fold laundry and I also love reality TV.


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