Saturday, April 20, 2013

Minted ~ #spon

* This post is a sponsored post by me on behalf of Minted. I will be compensated in Minted credit for sharing this information with you. *

Have you heard of Minted yet?

It seems everyone has these days. I've probably entered every Minted giveaway I've come across with hopes of winning a gift card so I could pick and choose some of their beautiful products for myself.

And here I am, talking about them to you.

Minted has offered me an opportunity to let YOU shop in their beautiful products.

Cool, right?

I think so. That's why I said yes!

But hang on. Let me fill you in on what's hot over at Minted right now.

The school year is coming to a close, and Minted's Graduation Announcements are sleek and elegant. Some are simple, some more flashy, but they have styles that work for everyone.

This one is one of my favorites:

I love the idea of using a baby or little kid picture and then a current picture beneath it. I also like the black and white look. I think it's classy. And it tugs at my heart a little as I look forward to my future and imagine my now 6-yo in a cap and gown. (Ahh - someone make time stop for a little while!)

Minted also has something really cool over on their website. They've got inspiration boards. Inspiration boards are a place where you can create your own little area of joy. Images of artwork, love notes to yourself and your family members, framed, not framed, color coordinated or not. It doesn't matter. It's a place all of your own that you can create and share via the Minted site.

An example of one that I find so pretty and classic:

My Art Wall by Kristin, see more
My Art Wall board by Kristin. See more

I kind of want all of these pictures for myself. They're simple, cute and just my style. Colorful and not cluttered. A perfect match. And you can create your own inspiration boards, too. And lucky for me, Minted is inviting me to purchase something, too. I haven't decided yet what I'll be buying, but I really do have my eye on this piece or something like it ...

Now for the fun stuff!

Minted has offered me a $50 code for one of my readers so you can do some shopping, too!

I was starting to use Rafflecopter for this giveaway, but then I got fidgety and decided to do it the old fashioned way and use comments and to pick a winner. So keep on reading for the giveaway details:


* Head on over to Minted and let me know which department you'd love to spend your winnings in!

OPTIONAL EXTRA ENTRIES (in separate comments, please. Don't hate me, but if all of your information is in one comment it will count as a single entry!):

* If you already follow me on twitter let me know and toss your handle into your comment. I'm not asking you to suddenly follow me to get this entry. And y'all know I'll know. ;)

* Tweet about this giveaway. cc me @goodgirlgonered and share a link to this page. Feel free to toss in @minted in the tweet, as well, if you're so inclined!

Or use this sample tweet:

I just entered to win a $50 Code for @Minted via @goodgirlgonered here: #giveaway

Comment below with the URL to your tweet so I know you did it.

* Make up an entry. Seriously. Share on Facebook. Pin this giveaway. Have a friend come by and tell me you sent them. Or come up with something even more creative. You might even get bonus points!

Thanks for reading to the end here *I know it's a long one!* and I hope you'll enter. I want to say I hope you win, but I hope all of you enter so one of you can win, because I only have one code to give away.

p.s. Winner will be chosen via one week from today.

* As previously indicated, this post is sponsored by Minted. I will be compensated in Minted credit for sharing their website with you and hosting this giveaway. * 


  1. I have never even HEARD of Minted until now. It looks I don't want to screw this up and put everything together. (You did warn us)
    I would be spending my winnings in the Paperie department on some beautiful stationary!! --Lisa

  2. My own made up entry is for Pinning the Giveaway on Pinterest!! Here's the URL:

  3. I also Tweeted out the giveaway!
    Here's the URL

    And the handle is @TheDoseTweets.

    Okay. I think I hit all of the optional entries!

    Thanks, Andrea! Fun that you're running this old school!! I love the idea of a graduation announcement with a picture of when they were younger, too! :) --Lisa

  4. Love the heart print but, since my son is having a birthday and just learned the alphabet, I'd love to give him the alphabet print.

  5. I have been exploring their shop! What cool things they have!

  6. I would spend it in the General Store. I love the cake stands!

  7. I'd be shopping for business cards! I love their stuff so much!

  8. I do indeed follow you on twitter - @ewokmama

  9. I love some of their Art Prints, but I also like the Party Decor. But if I have to choose right now, I'll go with the prints!

  10. Do I have to choose just one area to use the $50?? I love holiday cards, thank you notes and the art prints!
    I also tweeted and have no idea how to provide the url, so hopefully this works!
    I am on twitter @emilysvalentine

  11. And I follow you on the twitters. (@nicholee)

  12. AND I twittered the giveaway:

  13. I've gotten our Christmas cards from Minted for several years in a row, but I also love love LOVe their calendars!!

  14. I really need to do an adoption announcement, so since they don't have one of those I'd probably tweak a birth announcement.

  15. So cool! I'd have to say I'd spend it in the Party General Store. Stripey straws? Washi tape? Yes, please! :)

  16. Seriously? You want me to pick one? I can't. I'd probably get stuff from a bunch of departments and end up spending way more. But, perfection!

  17. Of course I follow you on Twitter! @angelamking

  18. I tweeted!!!!!!!! :) I can't figure out how to view it cause my computer is dumb but I tagged you!

  19. I love the Vintage Label Birth Announcements

    brookehell at gmail dot com

  20. tweeted

    brookehell at gmail dot com

  21. I'd use it for a birth announcement! My first child, a boy, arrives in August :)

  22. Following goodgirlgonered on Twitter - SaraRowe8

  23. I'm loving their art prints! My fave is the abstract triangles in turquoise!

  24. I'm a new follower on twitter! (I would have started following you anyway!) @colorvibrant

  25. Tweeted!

  26. Following you on facebook and shared giveaway!

  27. OK, so I REALLY need some new business cards! That's totes where I'd spend my dough.

  28. And I stalk you on Twitter...



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