Sunday, December 16, 2012

By a thread.

This morning I'm hanging on by a thread.

It's not even noon but feels way later.

My husband pulled his back yesterday so he's in bed. We probably shouldn't have been taking the dogs to PetSmart since my daughter had already shown a light fever, but we wanted to get out and breathe a little and Santa was going to be there and so we should have known better because he pulled his back trying to help Bella into the car. Poor hubby.

And Dexter was so scarred from seeing Santa (the picture is AWESOME - beyond words awesome, which makes it totally worth it but still, the rest sucks) that when I took him to the line so I could pre-pay (totally would have done this before had I known) he snuck backwards through my legs and out of his collar and ran straight for the doors of PetSmart.



Damn it all to hell, my dog ran out of the store as I screamed his name at the top of my lungs, ran after him and watched as traffic flew by in the parking lot. Something about my blood-curdling scream worked, and he turned before stepping off the curb and ran to the first car that was parked in the spot closest to the store.

This would be when I tackled him to the ground, put his collar back on and tried to tighten it. We got him such a haircut the other day that his collar is too big. And semi-broken, which I didn't know. Obviously.

And we make him wear his collar now after last week's great escape. Yeah. Got a free pass or something when our exterminator left not one but two of our gates open. You read that right. BOTH gates. WIDE OPEN.


So while I stood outside, or more like sat on the floor of the sidewalk in front of the store, my husband was inside, not answering his cell (he didn't hear or feel it, of course, as is Murphy's law, right?) with Bella and our daughter.

Who, by the way, spiked such a high fever last night that I'm sure she has the flu.

So yeah. Happy Sunday.

Hope you're all doing better than I am this fine morning.

And yes, I know, I'm blessed. I just wanted to return to my regularly scheduled programming because I am reading so much about horror and loss and children, babies, gone, that my heart and my head just hurt. A lot.

So I needed to b!tch and whine a bit. Sometimes it makes us feel better. Ya know?


  1. It is just really hard right now, right? To know what to say. To know if you should say anything at all. To just simply attempt to do normal things like take your pet to Petsmart, even though you need to. I hate this time. Thank you for this post, it is was nice to read something other. Something about life.-Ashley

  2. Sometimes we just need to complain about stuff to get over the things and move on.

    I'm hoping later this with your dog will make you smile. ;-)

  3. It is terrifying when a dog gets loose. That happened to me Friday morning. I searched for 20 minutes will I thought he probably was visiting the other dogs down the block. Thankfully he was. Glad your dog was okay.

  4. There is so much going on. The stress level is so high. We all need to look for ways to release that stress.

  5. Noooo! My dog is a semi-reformed escape artist. (I say semi-reformed because she doesn't bolt for the door every time it's opened a crack like she used to do) It's SO UNNERVING! But to happen so near a parking lot--good gravy! So glad you got to him quickly. :) --Lisa

  6. I have an escape artist she comes in the form of an overweight long haired wienie dog named Bella... But man can she run when she wants to...

  7. I hope Izzy is better by now? looks like Jana's flu was sorry about hte dogs and the madness, and all of it after Friday's debacle. I think everyone is literally SICK, or feeling as if they are. i'm walking around in a daze myself...

    hugs, mama.

  8. Sometimes normalcy is just that...normal... even when it sucks... it reminds you that life does go on.

  9. Whine away! I risked my life and braved the storm this morning to drive my kids to school in a HUGE snow storm and then I rewarded myself and spent the rest of the day recovering from the harrowing ride by catching up on Scandal (LOVE that show) and playing online. You definitely deserve a day like mine. I'll even write you a doctor's note if you'd like.

  10. That is completely something my dog would do. Little a-holes.


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