Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things I learned this week ...

Let's start off with I am still watching the AMAs. Yes. From Sunday night. It's Tuesday.

What of it? I can learn things over time. It's a good way to remember them better.

* I'm old.

That should be enough, shouldn't it? I suppose. But I can't help but add more to it.

* I'm not just old. I'm older than Justin Bieber's mother. (Thanks, Jamie! SO very much!)

* Pink still rocks. She doesn't just rock. She totally kicks ass. She's Pink, after all.

* Ryan Seacrest continues to be every.freakin.where. I stopped watching AI after Simon left, but it doesn't mean I don't get my fill of Ryan. I wonder how he has any time to spend with Julianne. After all, she's a rising star, is she not? or she was. I don't know anymore.

Switch to other entertaining news stories.

* Rico whatever-his-name-is who plays Manny on Modern Family? Has written a book. Like a book you can buy. My life has no meaning, really. I've been writing since I could hold a pencil in my hand and this kid has a book. A published book?

Let's go back to the AMAs for a sec, shall we? The Backstreet Boys are handing out an award!

BWAHAHAHAHAH! They're old. And I'm older. So, yeah. I shouldn't laugh.

* Did you hear that Biebs and Selena broke up? How could I only just find this out? They're the perfect couple, are they not? I mean, my daughter knows the girl from Wizards is Justin Beever's girlfriend. This is gonna break her tiny little five-year-old heart. Poor thing.

* People,  I could seriously be Justin Bieber's mother. For real.

* Maybe he's dating Carly Rae now? She just won her first AMA. Good for her. That song that shall not be named is still one of my ringtones. Actually, it's my "go get your kid off the bus" alarm tone, but that counts, too, right?

I should just have titled this the Bieber post. He's on the awards now. Singing. I still say he's twelve, but whatever.

OK, where was I?

The thing is, his music isn't THAT bad. And as much as I want to dislike him, he's a good kid. Or at least that's what Ellen tells me ... but she also loves JT, and now that he's Mr. Jessica Biel we don't see much of him anymore either. Who thinks THAT's going to last, eh? Right. Me, too. Sure.

Did you know that I am an entertainment news junkie? I totally am. I think in all the years I've been blogging I've mostly kept it out of my stuff, but today I'm stuck. Truly stuck in it.

Hey, did you vote for your fave DWTS couple yet? Time's running out. If you don't want your favorite couples to go home you need to vote. They make it crazy easy, there's even a facebook app, cause who doesn't have fb these days, right?

I find myself voting against the professionals I don't like, honestly. I'm not a Karina fan. So as much as I try to root for Apollo, I'm not sure I can. Besides, Kelly aka Sam and ValC? They're SO a couple in real life, aren't they? I mean, you can tell, right? How they look at each other? And she's SAM. So #GH represent!

Bieber is still singing, people. This is the longest performance of all time.

Today I entertained myself for a bit while reading/skimming Suri's Burn Book. I laughed so hard a few times tears slipped out. I might have even peed a little. I'm old, remember?

Who the heck is he singing with now? She looks like Nicki Minaj with dark hair, so I know that can't be her, right?

Oh, and back to useless reality show people, somebody really needs to boot Mario Lopez and that Kardashian sister off of The X Factor. Come on, Simon, you HAVE to know what a waste of airtime that is. We could be enjoying the performances. And speaking of, Demi, sweet, sweet Demi. Please stop. Whatever you are doing to your contestants is just awful. Britney is lucky her kids have so much freakin' talent, or you both would be booted off so quickly, for realz.

OK, I'm done. I'm waiting to go all Gangnam Style since I saw a clip earlier and MC Hammer is cameo-ing. Rock on, my friends. Rock on.


XTINA IS PERFORMING! What the what? She looks kind of beautiful. Who is this girl? I mean, yeah, there are the infamous boobs we see 2x/week on The Voice, but her hair (I'm sure it's fake, but it's the effort that counts here, friends) is blonde, without a variety of dipped colors. She was totally channeling Demi for a while there. Oh, wait, never you mind. She changed her clothes. Now we see the fake tan. Ah. Sigh. Peace out friends. Also? Her voice still kind of rocks. I just wish she would stop calling herself Xtina. Team Xtina is for Twitter. Not for real words. CeeLo, Adam (yum, Adam) or Blake should tell you that if they consider themselves true friends. *smh*

p.s. If you missed me yesterday you can totally catch up on my life anyway. I was over at my friend Tricia's place. She can be found at Southern Spark and I was chatting about blogging, buns and boogers ... so to speak. So go check it out, wouldja?


  1. You know what's totally funny? I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics last week, and they had Bieber duct tape. I thought it was hilarious. I went back this week for something else - and the duct tape was sold out! Now who is buying all that Bieber duct tape, and what on earth are they doing with it?!?

  2. I love every single thing about this entire post!

    I not only vote against professionals I don't like, but I totally vote for the ones I do like even if I dislike their celebrity partner. Nancy Grace got tons of love from me that was all 100% for Tristan back in the day. I'm just sayin'.

    I can't believe I forgot Suri's burn book existed. I'm off to look it up again right now!

    But my favorite is that Xtina is for Twitter not for real worlds! Hahahaha...SO TRUE!!!!! (I love her voice but love it best when she tones down the runs a bit and just sings) --Lisa
    Ps. In my heart Justin Bieber still has his long hair. I just can't get with this "grown up" weird hair. It's unflattering. Someone should tell him. I'm taking Lucy to his concert in January, and I'm hoping he doesn't have a haircut before then since I'm going to have to look at him for about 90 minutes or so. ---Lisa

  3. Ah. Suri's Burn Book. It always makes me laugh.

    I refuse to think about if I'm old enough to be Beiber's mom. I absolutely refuse.

  4. Hee! I just learned all of that right here so *I* must be older than *you!* :)

  5. You crack me up. I'm tired from just reading that! And shhh but I've never watched the AMAs. I don't know what AMAs stand for. Shhh.

  6. Oh this is the funny I needed.
    Pink's new CD is the best. I love it. The performance she did on the AMA's is the one from her video. Google it. The first time I saw it was on the psych ward. No joke. The entire room...even the dudes were glued to it.
    Happy Turkey day oxxo


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