Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Cowboy for Christmas, by Lori Wilde ~ Book Review

I read this book in one day.

Seriously. Less than 24 hours.

It was an easy and enjoyable read, and I truly connected with the characters.

I had small reservations that things might turn predictable, but surprisingly enough, Ms. Wilde was able to keep the story going and keep me interested.

Lissette is a strong woman, who finds her world crashing down around her in these opening pages. A chance encounter with a random stranger leaves her feeling slightly refreshed and refocused, until she learns he's not truly a stranger at all.

Rafferty's name alone makes me like him. It's what you'd think would be a last name but is a first name here. He's got a hero's way about him and I'm drawn in to what I think he looks and yes, even smells like. Weird, isn't it? But the rest of this book has so much to do with Lissy's character, and the scents that surround her as she makes her way through each day. Rafferty is drawn to these, and together the two of them make an interesting connection.

He sounds like a rough and edgy cowboy. She sounds like a wallflower, ready to crumble after being crushed repeatedly. Toss in her son Kyle and the challenges that face them as a family and it's a lot to imagine. Yet somehow they muddle through. And besides what we expect to see from them? We honestly get so much more.

This is a perfect holiday season read. A simple story that covers much more than Christmas celebrations or family angst, but friendships, connections and individual as well as coupled character growth. Top that off with the simple fact that Lori Wilde's writing style reminds me a bit of Debbie Macomber's, maybe it's just the tone of the story and the way it is connected with some "prequels" but either way, I certainly like it. And I definitely enjoyed this book. And recommend it. Also? It's a perfect paperback size for traveling. Toss it in your bag and bring Jubilee, Texas with you wherever you go!

* I received a copy of this book from TLC Book Tours to facilitate my review. All expressed opinions are completely my own. *


  1. Sounds like an interesting book. Sometimes having a quick read is so nice!

  2. It sounds like a good book to have traveling around this holiday season!
    I always seem to read such depressing stuff around the holiday, it's nice to know of a good, quick read that won't send me headed for a box of wine to cope!

  3. What a treat to make it through a wonderful book in one day - I'm jealous!

    Thanks for being on the tour.

  4. This sounds like a great curl up under a blanket and read book.


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