Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shop A Small Business Today!

Recently on facebook I asked my friends to share their personal business websites so I could share them with all of you. So I'm figuring on sharing some of my favorites with you all, and I plan on including a few that I've only just learned about, too.

I recently found out that Natasha is a crafty mama. This woman sews like nobody's business. And I'll tell you how I know... because I saw this on Instagram and decided I had to have it. And so now I do.

Isn't it cute? It's really well made and I love it. You can get one for yourself, or for someone else, or check out her other items over at Houseful Of Stitches.

Moving on to another talented mama that I've met through the world of blogging, let me introduce you to A'Driane. Goodness, talk about an ability to create. She's got a beautiful display of her work at her shop, and is actually running an incredible sale right now, too. Save 30% on one of her paintings for the next week or two - but don't miss out - they're sure to sell fast. Check them out at abstractionsByaddyeB.

One of my favorite shops can be found at Christine & Co. Design. I absolutely love the jewelry that she makes, and I bought myself a necklace from her a while back because I was completely drawn to it. Her work is beautiful but you're going to have to check it out for yourself.

Another of my favorite creative people is Robin Plemmons of  Lemons with a Pea. Her creations will leave you laughing, but will also leave you wanting some piece of her creativity for your very own. While her sense of humor shows in her work, so does her heart. Trust me, you're gonna love this chick.

And speaking of chicks, one of my bestest friends in the whole wide universe has just launched her own Etsy shop, and I'd love it if you'd take a look. One Loopy Chick is busting her b-- well, her fingers off to earn enough money to get her incredible son a special needs stroller. Her crafty little critter are too cute, and a perfect gift for the person who has everything else you can think of. Click through to her profile for more on her story, if you would.

Jodi of Jodi's Cards has such beautiful ideas. She'll even send your holiday cards out FOR you with her special holiday card service. Look into it, because handmade cards rock, AND having someone handle all that extra for you? omg, why wouldn't you want that? For an example of her talent, just take a look at her gallery.

And if you happen to be local or anywhere in the North Carolina area, and you're looking for a photographer for ... say ... your holiday cards, or your upcoming family event, look no further than Red Bridge Photography. Annie and Rebecca are beyond talented. They're absolutely amazing. The way they engage with their clients, the moments they capture for you? There are no words. Go look at their website. Email them. Reach out and find out if they can come to where you are. You'll thank me later. I promise.

And since I mentioned it, let's talk travel. Are you looking to take a trip to Disney? Let my friend Crystal help you do that. She also works with various businesses to help you plan your cruise vacation, and can probably help you figure out a lot of the really important details you'll never think of when you're making your plans! Crystal can be found over at Magical Vacations by Crystal and not a single person I know has ever been steered wrong by this magical mama!

There were more friends who shared their businesses with me, but I just don't have the room to share everybody. I might have to do a second post. And a third. And I'll just keep 'em coming if you're interested.


Please shop small. It's a person you're supporting when you do. And more often than not, it's a friend of someone you know. And that? Alone? Totally ROCKS.


  1. Lady! I love you! Thank you so much for featuring me and all of these other great small business owners! Now I have more places to stalk and shop from!

  2. Guess what? Everyone in my family is getting something handmade from Etsy for Christmas.
    Because the economy is shit and I want to help support home grown businesses.
    Good for you for your support too!

  3. I can't wait to check out your favorite places! I haven't done any shopping at all yet, so I need to catch up! If I can do it by supporting friends of a friend, all the better! :)

  4. oh wow! So many crafty ladies! I am craft-impaired, so I am often impressed by the things people can make. Christine's pendants are so fun!


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