Sunday, August 5, 2012

I like to move it ...

I started prior to the new year, and I'm not where I want to be yet - but I'm on the road to fit and fabulous and I like it.

But the summer heat is a KILLER!

So I'm desperate for ideas on how to continue working out while keeping somewhat cool.

Lately I've found myself doing ...

* Workout DVDs.
Do you have them? Do you use them? Mine used to collect dust, but now they're actually being used. Some of them are so fantastic that all I need is 20 minutes to work up a sweat and feel accomplished.

* Wii/Wii fit
Yep. I'm all over this. I know - it's almost old school and people have moved on to the Kinect - but my Wii Zumba workout has been fantastic! And my Wii Fit yoga and strength routines have rocked!

* Zumba!!!
So, yeah, I'm doing it on the Wii, but I've also started taking a class at a local dance studio. It's fantastic, intense, a wonderful workout and only costs $9/session.

* Groupon searching
So yeah, if you're looking for something new to do and a way to save money when you do find something that piques your interest, go for it! Keep an eye on the Groupon/Living Social/etc. deals and find yourself scheduled to attend several HOT yoga classes {yeah, it's me, I bought it, I just haven't attended the classes yet ...} or other cool things like pole dancing, rock climbing, pilates and more.

* Swimming
Find a lake, a pool, a beach - whatever it is that suits you. And then get yourself there. You'll be surprised at how intense a water workout can be. Even when you don't feel like you're doing that much, it's amazing for your body. Give it a go.

So - how about you? What have you been up to to make sure you're moving your body this summer? Fill me in!


  1. i've pretty much stalled completely this summer. our busy schedule just got so much busier and unfortunately there are things that are more important than me working out right now. but i will get back on track. i am a member of our local YMCA. i couldn't possibly even try without it. it's my alone time which helps me actually go. lol.

  2. I've stalled too! I was doing some DVD's and the elliptical. But I enjoy running outside the most. It's hot but I just have to keep at it! I'm doing a 30 day ab challenge too.

  3. I have a yoga tape...yes tape! that I do faithfully and have started running again, which I hate every second of! I'm going to try Zumba this week with friends!


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