Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to approach the conference #typeacon

Okay, so you already know I'm going.

And I've already told you what to bring.

Now I'm going to tell you how to approach the conference. How I recommend you do - not how you must - because I don't play that way. But you know that about me already!

I have to tell you this because I know that last year I spent each morning going over the schedule, freaking out and thinking - why can't I go to BOTH of those? And what else do I want to hear, learn, etc?

And you know what? You can. You CAN go to both of those.

A simple Type-A Conference tip from me to you. It's okay to attend a 2hr session for half of the time and walk out to get to your next session if it happens to start during the first one.


Last year I was in a 2hr session and while I enjoyed it, I kind of felt like if I stayed the whole time I'd be missing the session that would probably mean more to me. And though I felt like I was sneaking out of class a little bit, it was okay. I repeat: It was totally OKAY.

You can do it. You can stay for an hour and move on. If you're loving it and learning every single thing you ever wanted to learn? Stay! If you're feeling like you need a snack or might lose track if you blink for a second? Go. Move on to the next thing. It's probably a better fit for you. And nobody will care if you do it.

YOU paid to attend. You're the reason you're there, right?

While we go to conferences to meet other people - other bloggers - our online friends, we're also there for US. We're most important here. We're allowed to skip a block of time during the day to miss sessions, go for a walk, go get a coffee, work out, chat with friends, it's totally okay to walk away for an hour and read. It's what you make of it. The whole long weekend. You make it work for you.

I know there are many cool sessions on the agenda for the coming days, and I'm excited about a lot of them. And I know there will be a small part of me circling things and jotting them down, maybe even scheduling reminders in my phone so I know where I'm going and at what time. But I also know that if I happen to miss something? It'll be okay.

Except try not to miss the opening and closing keynotes and the panel. That's awesome stuff. You should attend that. But honestly, if you don't that's on you. You're allowed to make those choices for yourself! Be Type-A if you must, but cut yourself some slack. It's not an assignment. It's a conference. Be sure to have some fun while you're there!

And look for me. Say hey, give me a hug, ask for some gum - whatever - I promise I'm approachable!

I may or may not have glasses on, but I still look like this:

Charlotte here I come!


  1. I'm all for the non-conference aspects of the conference. Namely, hanging out with other bloggers and taking lots of time for myself all by myself doing things I never get to do because at home I have people to be responsible for and around.

  2. Hee hee. I totally think I know which 2 hour session you're talking about. Flashbacks!!!

  3. I always feel weird leaving a session. Believe me, I do it. But I often leave red-faced.

  4. As someone attending their very first conference ever, this was so helpful. I spent all day today plotting out my schedule to the minute practically, and I like knowing that if I change my mind that is okay, too! :)

  5. Im sure you are having a blast!!

  6. A little behind and am just now catching this. Thanks Andrea! Totally agree. Last year I did so much but felt I was not being true to myself. After the first day I feel I have gotten so much more out of it this year! Great seeing you!

  7. Oh my darling, if I ever get to attend a conference you are at, my schedule will only have one item on it: "go to whatever panel Andrea is going to" :-)


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