Friday, June 8, 2012

Doing it

I know. It seems like all I'm talking about is my weight. My health. My mindset. Wellness. And it kind of is. I'm slow on blogging right now, but I'm good. I'm writing now and again when the mindset hits me and I'm up for it.

So right now I had my quarterly doctor's visit and saw a doc that was subbing for the regular NP I use. Anyway, last time I went in and my first three month window had me down 12 lbs. It was awesome. I was overjoyed.

Today, not as much. But still. I'm down 3.

3 lbs in three months. It's not as exciting as I'd like to see, but it's a loss and not a gain. She gave me a smile and a thumbs up, and so I'm pretty happy when I look at it as an overall 15. Ya know?

I mean, if I could possibly lose another 15 lbs then I could feasibly be 30 or so lbs down by 2013. And that would be pretty cool for me.

* She says after eating the final pumpkin spice cake chocolate chip muffin that she was addicted to over the last few days. Oops. *

Anyway, I'm excited and motivated and my hope is that with October 28th (my 40th) being just under 5 months away that maybe I can lose another 10 lbs during that window. I don't want to push it, though, so if I say 5 that would then have me feeling a bit safer. And 5 would be awesome. It would have me down 20 lbs in a year. Imagine that? By the time I'm like 42 or something I could be so skinny! Ha!

Here are some pics of me to show even the slight transition.

Maybe March and June don't look that different, but I think you can definitely see a change from November, so that's kind of cool.

Anyway, that's a small dose of where I am at. Maybe I'm focusing on the what I've done part because I feel slightly slack and slow-going with what I want and need to do. But I'll get there. If I could find ways to stay motivated and get back on the working out track that would be enough. Because I like who I am when I'm this girl. The one who moves and shakes and rattles and rolls. hee! She's cool. And hey, a few more pounds and maybe I can buy a nice dress (and fancy supportive bra) for BlogHer in August!?! Woot woot! 

Disclaimer: I am not a Woot-woot-er. I'm a Woo girl! *HIMYM reference there* But I felt this deserved that complete WOOT! to get me going. 


  1. Wooooo then! Congratulations! That's fantastic. I hope the next 5/10 come off easily.

    If you're interested, yesterday I made these totally incredible breakfast cookies, and if you use nondairy chocolate chips they're even vegan. Lots of whole grains and protein, but they taste like COOKIES!!! My kids are loving them, as am I.

  2. Wooooooo!!! Give yourself credit where credit is due!!!! :)

  3. Wooooooo!!! Give yourself credit where credit is due!!!! :)

  4. Wooooooo!!! Give yourself credit where credit is due!!!! :)

  5. you're doing awesome! i'm struggling too. it's very very slow going for me. but they say the slower it comes off, the easier it stays off. i hope that's true. keep trucking! and i definitely see a difference in your pics. :)

  6. AWESOME!! i love this post. you're turning 40 right after me. it's the year of fierce and forty! ;)

  7. Congratulations! You look fantastic and more importantly you are getting healthy for yourself and your family. Keep it up girl! :) xo

  8. I can absolutely see a difference! That is awesome!!! Keep those motivational photos for you. We all have bad food days. I've had a bad food month! :D

    I know you can and will do it. You've tasted success and it is yummy!

  9. There is definitely a noticeable difference in the pictures and remember, slow and steady wins this race, this is the kind of weight loss that sticks!

  10. I think the change is totally noticeable!!! Great job. Great, great job! I've kept your C25K email and.... any day now. :-)

  11. There is a difference and I think you are doing great.

    When the scale numbers aren't where you want them. Take a look in the mirror and catalog the differences you see. Sometimes those differences are just as amazing and the loss of numbers on the scale.

    When I was a member and working at Curves we not only looked at weight but measurements. Some people don't lose as many numbers on the scale but it is amazing how many inches they lose.

    Keep it up. You are doing great.

  12. Celebrate every little accomplishment and use them as your fuel for motivation.


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