Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Momma

Dear Momma,

It's Mother's Day. I know you say that every day is Mother's Day, but you know what? Today is still that special day where I apologize for not sending your card in time, send your gift too late, and think of you for 24 hours straight. Not that I don't do that all the time, but today - well - it's different.

I guess we can thank Hallmark for that. But that's okay. You deserve many a day filled with moments of love, joy, emotion and smiles. And hugs. Lots and lots of the best hugs ever.

And so today I wish I were home in New York with you and Pops. Just because.

I wish we lived a few minutes away from one another so we could come over and be with you and the family. I wish we could watch the girls run around the living room, take out every single toy, and try to both fit on your lap at the same time. (Not so easy now that they're five!)

I wish a lot of things, but I know that no matter how many miles apart we are - you know that Mother's Day for me equals you.

It means you. It means your mother before you. And Dad's mom, too.

It means my aunts, my extra moms, and all the mommas who are no longer around to squeeze and send flowers to on this simple day.

It means all of the kids at your school who call you Ma. I'll let them do that. Because they're not all as lucky as I am. They don't all have you. And who am I to not share you with them? They need you right now. They need MY little momma.

Because my guess is that you're the one who will remind them to not leave out.

You're the one who makes sure they have an umbrella when it's pouring outside - even if it has to come from the lost and found.

You'll probably also make sure they don't hang out outside of their classrooms and get their butts to their class on time.

You're the one who will walk block after block in the blizzard to make sure they have their snow boots for the walk home. (Oh, wait, that was just for me. And yes, it was mortifying. But my feet were warm.)

You're the one who waited up for me late at night, leaving the light on no matter what time I came home.

The one whose hand I held when I crossed every single street.

The one who brushed my hair and parted it, half-up, half-down. Uneven pigtails. I see them when I do my daughter's hair. That same look. Only I never use a comb. Why should I? I know they don't work anyway.

The one who played Tri-ominos with me when I was home from school, sick with fever.

The one whose eyes and smile I see all the time. The one I laugh and cry with. Tears flowing whenever we have to say goodbye. It's not easy - living 500 miles away from my family. It's not easy being so far from my mother.

But miles don't matter, honestly. Truly. Because I know you'd be here in an instant if I needed you. And you know that works both ways.

And no matter how far away we are, we talk all the time. We see each other (thank goodness for Skype!) often. And we share. We always share.

And for all that and more ... I love you, Mom. Always and forever.

Thank you. For everything. For being the best mom in the world.

Love, ME


  1. I wishes that you loved closer too. Can't even imagine being apart.
    Happy Mothers day xoxo

  2. Your mommy probably bawled her eyes out when she read this. You're a sweet, sweet daughter!

  3. " I apologize for not sending your card in time, send your gift too late"

    I did the same, but I'm pretty sure it was me being passive aggressive!

    I'm jealous! :)


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