Monday, May 7, 2012

Frush ~ Product Review

Have you heard of Frush yet?

If you haven't - no worries, you surely will soon.

Frush is a new yogurt and fruit shake that contains protein, probiotic and calcium. It's made with real fruit and a rich, creamy yogurt. It's like a smoothie and a shake mixed in one. It's got all the benefits of a smoothie and the thickness of a yummy shake!

It comes in four delicious flavors: Strawberry, Strawberry banana, Peach and blueberry.

Strawberry was my daughter's favorite, and mine, too. I'll admit I didn't try the strawberry-banana flavor - because I personally don't do bananas. The blueberry was really yum, as well. I'd say the kids all preferred the strawberry flavor. I don't know if that's because it's strawberry season here in NC, and they're all in the mood for that red, juicy taste, or just because that was the best flavor of the bunch.

Peach was probably the least well-liked. I think kids don't branch out to peach-flavored things very often, so it's not something they recognized as quickly as the other three. In fact, I think we have a few peach ones left in our fridge, so they're definitely going more slowly.

Honestly I think my daughter would have enjoyed 2-3 of these every day if she could have. The individual serving size I was provided with for my party and review was a perfect breakfast for her, but sometimes she'd request a second one soon after. Do all kids do that - or just mine?

8.4 ounces of Frush contains 200 calories (that's the small bottle size). It's a perfect addition to your breakfast on-the-go choices for a mom ready to rush out of her house in the early mornings, as many moms do! It's a great after school snack for the little ones, especially if you pour it over some ice and give them a wide straw.

I did notice that the thickness was sometimes difficult to get through a standard thin straw, which is good, as far as taste and the ability to fill you up goes, but for the kids it was a little bit rough from the get-go because they can't exactly run around with cups that don't have lids. Even at age 5, I would worry that my daughter will end up with more on her clothes or my house than in her mouth if I did that.

By the way, my husband, who is usually not a big smoothie fan - but certainly enjoys a milkshake on occasion - actually liked these, too. Blueberry was his favorite flavor.

You can check out their Facebook page for more information on the product by clicking here.

Right now it is available at Lowes Foods, ingles and BI~LO locations. I have a handful of coupons left in my stash that will get you $1 off two Frush products. If you're interested let me know in the comments and I'll contact you for your mailing address. I'm happy to share these if you're planning on going out to give the product a try. Every little coupon helps us save.

You can find out if it's available near you by checking their store locator page here.

So check these out if you find them near you. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they get there. And Cheers!

Also, I apologize to Frush for having technical issues and being unable to post pictures of friends and family enjoying the product at this time ... but I promise an update once I find my camera cable.

I was provided with samples, coupons and marketing material in order to complete this post. All opinions expressed are my own (and that of friends and family who tried the product).


  1. You just gotta buy those big fat straws so they can slurpity slurp away!

    Funny because I would go for the strawberry banana one first! I don't like to eat bananas in pies or desserts, but I love their flavor and in drinks, heck yeah!

  2. I have not tried these! It sounds yummy and as though I should be looking for it next grocery shopping trip!

  3. I got to try Frush last week and LOVED the peach! Strawberry-Banana was my least favorite... it was a little too sweet for me. Delicious stuff though!


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