Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The Big Bang Theory is on in the living room.

My husband and my daughter (yes, she's five) are watching. At the same time she's sorting her "day kit" - which would be more along the lines of what you'd call your first aid kit.

She's taken to Band Aids lately. I don't know if it started before my hand-bite incident, or after, but the Band Aids and their non-name-brand copies are all over her stuffed animals.

Perry (the platypus) had two on his eyes yesterday morning.

Pugsly (her beanie baby pug that used to be mine) had a tiny one on his head, as well.

Pounce (we have a thing for P-names, it seems, he's a beanie baby cat that was mine many moons ago, too) hasn't had any yet, but he's her favorite these days so it's important that he stay healthy.

As I sit here typing this she's telling my husband that he "needs a check-up!" ... come to think of it, it could be Doc McStuffins' influence. Have you watched that yet? It's really super cute. I think it's a nice change from the typical kids' shows out there, especially what's been out there for girls.

We're waiting to start grilling dinner (hamburgers and turkey burgers are sitting on the newly cleared island) - well, my husband is going to. I have never actually learned to use the grill. I mean, I know the concept, but it's not something I have ever tried.

Have I mentioned my daughter enjoys The Big Bang Theory? Lately she's taken to shouting:


When she teases us about something, or pretends to be.

If you're unfamiliar with the word or the concept, watch this.

The ballpit scenes? All one episode. Pee-worthy.

If we're not shouting that out we're singing the theme song. A little BNL that isn't exactly kid-specific, but she loves it anyway.

And my puppy - the one out of prison? Is sitting here licking the bottoms of my arms, whimpering like a looney toon because she wants to go back to her crate, I'm sure.

Le sigh. Just another Tuesday night at our house.


  1. Yes! We love Doc McStuffins!!! LilDuck has watched the hiccups episode SO MANY times she can recite the ENTIRE episode word for word!

    Bandaids are so much fun :O) VERY expensive stickers if I may say so myself. :O)

  2. We love The Big Bang Theory at my house. My son and I sing along with the theme song. I absolutely love Sheldon.

    It sounds like you are having a very nice evening with the family.

  3. We love the Big Bang Theory too. My husband and I laugh and laugh when it is on.

  4. Adorable post! The image of band-aids everywhere made me smile. My daughter went through a phase where she wanted to use band-aids even when she didn't have an "owee". I remember being the same way...

  5. I don't watch nearly enough TV anymore! :-)

    We went through the band-aid stage... I think the worst one was my sister... people used to stock different themed Band-Aids for her just because she enjoyed them so much!

  6. A lovely slice of your night!

    (Also? Bazinga! Hee! Love that! :))

  7. Sounds like a wonderful night! Maybe she'll grow up to be a Dr?

  8. Oh, my goodness, I can't even imagine moving from NYC to NC!! I'm in SC (grew up here, moved back last year from Canada), so I sort of know that culture shock!! I'm glad to find you and will keep following your exploits!

  9. Cute what passes for a typical night!
    I hadn't heard that before.
    And Dr McStuffins?
    Must be cos I'm in New Zealand... we aint got the Doc here yet.

    Thanks for linking up


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