Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A list of books! How could I not?

Stasha's Monday Listicles asks for a list of books this week.

So you know me. I would never pass up a chance to talk books. Ever.

Even if I'm a day behind schedule.

So I figured I'd try to shoot for the Top 10 Books I've talked about here on my blog. My top fave reads from those I reviewed. This way you can follow my links back to my reviews, mentions or discussions to find out more - if you're so inclined. They're not really in order, per se, as I worked my way backwards through my blog posts to find them - but each have their own reason for being listed.

Little Black Dress, Susan McBride

 * Such a light-hearted and fun read. With a bit of mystical madness throughout. If you're okay with chick-lit you'd definitely enjoy picking this up this summer.

Island Girl, Lynda Simmons

* A story about life, love and family. Alzheimer's Disease touches this family in a way that you might not expect. As serious as the topic is the book itself was a wonderful read.

The Ninth Wife, Amy Stolls

* This book was huge and I still loved it. What a great story, great characters and just overall greatness. It'd be a perfect travel read if you only wanted to bring one story with you to keep you company.

The Bird House, Kelly Simmons

* I really enjoyed this book. As I stated in my review, it was heart-wrenching and heart-warming all at once.

The Twisted Path Home, Fae Bidgoli

* An amazingly woven story that has you questioning and thinking throughout. If you enjoy a good story that has true twists and turns you'll enjoy this read.

Saving Max, Antoinette van Heugten

* Murder, mystery, confusion. Autism. Autism? Yes. Autism. A great read. Well-written and intense.

The Pocket Therapist, Therese J. Borchard

 * I love this book. I have already read it twice and will certainly pick it up again this year. I think it's an annual read for me, and suggest it to you for that same purpose. Maybe more if you should choose to.

The Help, Kathryn Stockett

 * 'Nuff said.

Well, since the 8th book I chose from my list counting backwards on my blog is The Help, I'm going to stop there. I have loads more recommendations and lists throughout my posts here, all you have to do is click the books or reading categories or find yourself the Reading with Redneck tab at the top of the page.

Several of these books were received via publisher or book tour company, whereas a few were just my own reads. I indicate which are which in each post as linked above. Picking these books for this list was all my own choice, based on what I most enjoyed reading from a personal perspective (for which I thank myself for having these reviews on my blog! How else would I be able to perfectly remember hundreds of books!?!).

Oh, wait. I had to go back. I have to have 10 now. I knew I wrote about these two and needed to add them to my list of you should reads:

Still Alice, Lisa Genova

 * Alzheimer's again - but quite possibly the best book I have read that incorporated this in. So touching, so real and so raw. I recently read Genova's Left Neglected, as well, and this, too, was a brain-oriented story. Equally as amazingly written, in my humble opinion.

Sarah's Key

 * Such a phenomenal book. I didn't actually review this book on my blog, but I shared some memories and family-related thoughts and history. This book was emotional, powerful and definitely worth the read. It's harsh, but important, so I strongly recommend it. I have a few other reads that incorporate Judaism and history, but I'll save that for another post someday. For now I'll just say brace yourself, and go read.

Thanks for walking through my books with me and following my links if you felt like it. Let me know if you have any questions, thoughts or comments on any of the books mentioned, and feel free to share some of your own faves, too!

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  1. I've read The Help, and I have Sarah's Key on my bookshelf now. It kills me how little time I have to read anymore, and I can't believe I only recognize two of those books.

  2. I love how you approached your list! There are many books on your list I have not read yet and I think #5 and #6 will be my first ones. You really have a way with describing the books and why you enjoyed them. Great list!

  3. Also loved The Help! I actually listened to this on audio for the second half of the book and it was incredible.
    I've heard of Sarah's Key, but haven't read it. I'll have to put it on my list!

  4. You've just built my soon-to-be-read list! Thank you!

  5. And my reading list keeps growing and growing...

  6. Oh hooray for book lists!

    (And of course you couldn't resist this one! *So* right up your alley!)

  7. I haven't read most of your list. Sarah's Key was heartbreaking, what a great book.


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