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SASS yourself slim ~ Book review

* I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review. All opinions are completely my own. There is an affiliate link in this post - you'll support my reading habit if you buy your copy there! *

I'll admit that when I first started this book I had reservations. Concerns.

I'm not one to opt for diet books, so that this one is essentially a non-diet book I figured it couldn't hurt to consider it.

I'm not doing the five day/five food fast forward that Cynthia Sass recommends. I know it would be practically impossible for me to consist off of five foods for five whole days. I have a five year old (go figure) so I don't think attempting it will work for me. And yes, I did read the success stories by many of the readers who have tried and done amazing jobs on the initial part of the program. I am not judging - just know where I am at currently!

I do want to point out the five foods, though, as they're obviously health inspired and worth reviewing.

Starting with spinach, and how incredibly good it is for you. It not only fills you up, but consists of almost "a dozen stress fighting antioxidants that help your body recover from the wear and tear of a workout or a particular trying day!" ... can I reiterate that I personally love spinach and this statement (quoted directly from pg. 38 of the book) solidified that for me.

The other foods are almonds, raspberries and eggs/yogurt. Eggs are not on my agenda, but Sass has me considering replacing them with her vegan breakfast option of tofu. Perhaps I can make myself a morning veggie omelette with that, instead?

And almonds? For real? Of course! High in the good fats (this is me talking, not the author) they're one of the greatest things for you. Which is why I tend to toss them into my oatmeal or granola whenever I can. I keep them on-hand in the pantry almost all the time, too, because they're great in yogurt, pancakes, baked goods or simply raw as a healthy snack. Sass has even included almond butter in the okay-ed section here, which makes me happy. Because even though it's expensive, it's soooo good. And so much better for you than your standard PBs that have loads of other unnecessary ingredients in them.

Another reason I avoided the initial 5 days of the plan is because she suggested no exercise during those days. If you follow me or even read me regularly, you'll know I've only recently begun to love working out and there was no possibly way I could give it up for five days straight and expect to get myself back into it again soon after. The risk of stopping was too great, honestly. But for those who have done the program - I am curious to see how the initial days treated you (them, whomever!).

I will say I love the concept of the Do It Yourself 5 Piece Puzzle (again with the #5, interesting - isn't it?). This is the title of chapter 6, and explains itself simply with the five pieces that the author believes each meal you eat should consist of. They are as follows:

1. Produce
2. Whole Grain
3. Lean Protein
4. Plant-based fat

This chapter goes on to explain proper portion sizes and offers up many ideas for each piece of the puzzle. It's probably my favorite chapter, because even though it's easy to say I know - I know when it comes to portion control, it's also one of the easiest things to slip up on.

The book offers up some incredible meal plan options to get you through the full attempt of the program. Basically you can pick and choose your meals, replace ingredients and move forward with what works for you. I find there to be a wonderful variety of menu items, and meals, and the recipes themselves are possibly worth purchasing the book for, honestly!

Sass offers up some wonderful tips, as well, when it comes to what you should be eating to satisfy yourself, your hunger cravings and your need for sweets, too.

I purchased some 70% cocoa bars because she encouraged a daily treat that was good for you - and these were what were highly recommended. Chocolate? No way. Not your typical Milky Way bar, though. Real chocolate. Good for you chocolate. Cocoa chocolate. Yum.

I think my favorite chapters of this book were towards the end. The one that addressed emotional eating? Money. Serious money. And the one after that? Where you're encouraged to WALK. Not run. Not race. Not jog until your boobs bounce so hard that you find yourself knocked out and wondering where you are - exactly. But walk. Yes. I'm newly acquainted with some semblance of jogging, but walking will always be my true pleasure. I love that Cynthia Sass feels that way, too. It made her seem more real to me. It took me that long - but I connected with her. We're peeps now.

Overall I liked reading this book. I never felt pressured to succumb to the plan, I never felt that I was being lectured, I just found myself being educated and informed on various ways of healthy eating that would help me turn my life around when it comes to weight loss and healthy ways.

Both of those are important to me - - but I also know my own history when it comes to following these kinds of programs, and because of that, and even more so, because I'm not quite ready to move past those experiences, I'm not ready to Sass myself slim just yet.

But I think for those interested in giving a new program a try, or just looking for a new way of eating to incorporate into your day-to-day - - this book could be the right one for you.

And if you do pick up your own copy and get fully into it, I wish you luck! Please keep me posted. I love success stories and Cynthia Sass does, too.


  1. This does sound interesting! I love how thoughtfully you reviewed it!

    (Also? Almonds: Yum! :))

  2. I'm so glad that you found some helpful tips in here even if you didn't decide to adopt the whole plan - eating healthier is never a bad thing!

    Thanks for being on the tour.


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