Thursday, October 6, 2011

What it's all about ... #StrongStart

I'm a day late, but not a dollar short.

I woke up after a rough night of sleep and non-sleep with my daughter yesterday morning to a whole load of tweets about an incredible initiative. My daughter battled some sort of need to sleep brought on by fever? Broken sleep? I don't know exactly. But she fell in and out of focus for a few hours.

And during that time, I read.

I had already checked my email and found out about the initiative underway by Katherine to raise money to support Postpartum Progress. I made a note to myself. You will donate. This website and many more have helped you, and helped you help others. I clicked through to paypal, but it was an iffy connection upstairs, so I held off so as not to screw anything up.

Then I hit twitter. Holy Hashtag, mommas! #Strongstart (I hope that link worked!) was happening, and the challenge was ON! There was talk of bacon and abstaining (a non-issue for me, I don't eat it anyway) and supporting fellow #PPDChat mommas, and so much more. I was completely oblivious, having just returned from New York and fallen straight into the Friends You Love extravaganza I'm participating in this month.

The stories continued throughout the day and I knew I had to link up and share some of my own. Just a few snippets from the details I've told in the past. Notes to myself to remind me that I'm not alone. And why do I know that?

Because of people like Katherine and sites (or communities, if you will) like Postpartum Progress.

A few of my own words on my PPA experience can be found scattered throughout my blog. You can read them here, here, and here. And below I've quoted a bit of myself from one of those posts, in case my going link crazy was too much for you to bear. I don't blame you. Sometimes I'm too much for myself to bear, too!

**Obviously I made it through those early days. I found a way to hang in there, to survive. There was so much going on, but having people to talk to - to count on - to listen, that's what made it pass so smoothly. And to remind myself of how strong I was, that helped make it all okay. But the interesting thing to me about postpartum anxiety is that it never really, truly seems to go away. Because - after all - you are ALWAYS postpartum after your child is born. At least that is my perspective, four years+ into motherhood. And so the story continues ... stay tuned.

So you know that I most definitely am thankful for these incredible women I have met in the blogo/twitter-sphere. And I so DO love these people I am proud to refer to as my friends. My blogging and twitter friends are a tremendous part of my life. And because of that I need to remind you all that you taking a moment to donate just a few dollars to Katherine's cause, my cause, OUR CAUSE, can help in ways beyond words.

Help me help a friend. Because she helps so many friends. And the next person she helps might be you or one of yours. Donate today. Every little bit counts.


  1. thank you for writing and for linking up!!! Im grateful for your support, always. *HUG* And I hope I return that support to you.

  2. I was fortunate not to suffer from PPD, but knnow many ladies do. Thankfully it is recognized as a real issue and not "a woman thing" from the past. With all the things hormones do to our bodies, it just proves how strong we women are to go through these things and come out the other side stronger and wiser.

  3. I suffered from it after my second one, and this is such a worthy cause.

  4. Katherine has headed an incredible movement!

  5. Hi, Andrea,

    Thank you for reviewing LITTLE GOBLINS TEN. I'm so glad your daughter loved the book, and I agree -- Jane Mannings illustrations are fabulous and add so much to the story!

    Pamela Jane


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