Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sharing Summer Fun!

I'm linking up today with Shell to share some of my family's summer fun memories from the year. Though summer isn't nearly over yet, we've already been pretty busy, and the kiddo seemed to enjoy herself no matter what we've been up to!

And if you're a little confused about the "property of" I actually have another blog going on where I'm chronicling our outdoor times and trying to recap our summer a bit, as best we can. You can check it out over at Our Fifteen Minutes and feel free to say hey.

And definitely head on over (click the pretty button above) to link up your Summer Fun for a chance to win prizes from Ubisoft!


  1. Oh cute! Looks like fun summer times. She really looks like you :-)

  2. Looks like she is having so much fun this summer!!

  3. What fun you had! I love all of them.

  4. Love the summertime moments. The best dirt is playing outside, summertime fun dirt. They are precious moments.

  5. That black and white one is darling!

  6. We can't even go outside in our summertime (I live in AZ)! I'm looking forward to it cooling down, but I'm sad summer is ending!


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