Friday, August 12, 2011

A Hot and Steamy Mess

"Emmalynn, are you here?"
"In here!"


"IN HERE!" I raised my voice over the music, grabbing a dishtowel as I reached for the radio. "IN THE KITCHEN!" I shouted again.

I watched him, his eyes taking me in. What I must have looked like.
Dripping with sweat, flour everywhere. Hair in my eyes. A brand new me. It'd been a few weeks and I was entitled to it. Finally.

"Hey." I said. I shifted, dropping my hands to my hips. Flour be damned. No response. "Matt?"


"Why are you in my kitchen?"

"Right. To give you this." He held up a small box.

"What's that?"

"No clue. It came to my office, figured you'd know." He put it on the island. "There are more."

I nodded as I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand and my face with the towel. "Thanks."

"What are you making?"

"Dinner." Was that a smirk? "Why?" He shrugged before he disappeared into the hallway, returning with two larger boxes. "That all?"


"Thanks." I turned back to the stove. Started stirring. He didn't move. I looked back again, he was still standing there. Staring. Was he uncomfortable? I hoped so.

"You should watch that."

"What?" I looked up.
"Thanks. I've got it."

"The pot," he pointed. "Whatever you're ..." I turned quickly, knocking over the flour. He slid beside me, catching it before it hit the floor.

"Thanks." We were inches apart now. Damn it. Damn him. I felt my breath still. "I'm good."

"I can see that," he whispered, putting the bag back on the counter.

"Thanks." I bit my lip. Why did I keep saying that? I glanced up, straight into his eyes. Felt the heat emanating between us. He touched my face, my cheek. Right above my mouth.

"What?" I cleared my throat.

"Flour. You've got flour here," he licked his thumb, lifting it up to press against my face gently.

"I'm a mess." I laughed. A nervous giggle.

He nodded. "I'll get out of your way."
A whisper.

I reached for his arm. "Matt." My flour hand-print pressed against his skin. I wasn't ready for him to go. Not again. Not yet.

"Em." His breath caught. I could feel it. I saw his chest heave just a little.

Within moments we were pressed against one another. Against the wall. The counter. I backed away. He pulled me closer.

What am I doing? What am I doing? My mind raced ahead of my body. I couldn't tear my mouth from his. God, how I missed him. Don't do this, Em. You can't handle this. He shouldn't ... his hands up the back of my shirt. His fingers pressing into my skin. Clutching me to him. What was happening? So comfortable. So familiar. He tastes so good. My body fitting perfectly into his. This was all wrong. And yet, so ... not ...

"Matt." He stopped. We stood face to face. Eye to eye. "We shouldn't. I don't think." He nodded.

"Do you want to stop?" Our breath pulsing. Staccato in rhythm together.

"I -- I don't," I could barely get the words out.

"I don't want to either." His eyes flashed. Vibrant. Brilliant. Hot. I reached for him. He lifted me. Carried me. We headed towards the stairs. My arms around his neck. Hands in his hair. My legs around his waist. His body. We made our way up. Slowly. Carefully. Mouth upon mouth. Gasping at each step.
Minimal sounds between us. Quietly. Gently. Savoring every second.

** For more on this story please feel free to click here and read it in chronological order. This piece is a reflection back for Em with more to come at a later time. I shared a bit more words and description than the prompt asked for, but it seemed to work and flow with their story for me. I hope you agree. But please tell me either way, as constructive criticism, as always, is welcomed. **


  1. Ok, now I have to go read more.

    This sounds vaguely familiar. The cooking talent reminds me of the gal who got married while drunk...

    I'll have to see if I'm right.

    I thought you did a fabulous job with the prompt (which I admit, I wasn't sure what they were looking for). You did manage sex without any quivering members.

    I felt the heat. The desire.

    I like. :-)

    If you'd shortened it, I might have had to demand completion....

  2. Great post! I feel like I'm there.

  3. I love that you are still writing this story. This definitely did the trick. I dont think you could have done it the way you did without doing it the way you did it. I see them on the stairs all hot and bothered, enraptured in each other. GREAT job!

  4. I cannot comment on your technique... I'm too busy blushing! :)

  5. mmm.

    yes ma'am.

    you've got the buildup down really well :) two prompts with awesome foreplay, both verbal and emotional and juuuuuust enough physical to leave you readers wanting...


    of your writing. yeah. your writing.


  6. there was some steam happening...and not just from that bubbling pot :)

    I enjoyed this. It flowed really well and my imagination was put into overdrive :)

  7. I really like what you're doing with dialogue. My favorite was, "I don't want to either."

    Why is the kitchen such a hot place? Something about the excuse to touch each other...moving hair, wiping...things.

    Hee! Love this.

  8. So well written! I have to go back and read ALL OF IT! :)

  9. oo la la. steamy indeed. i believe you nailed it. wanted to know what the source of the tension between them was. that's not criticism, i think it's good that i wanted to know more. and i loved her wondering why she kept saying thanks. totally enjoyed this.

  10. You have a talent for dialogue, gurl.
    Hot post.
    Nice work *thumbs up*

  11. I love this story! Of Em and Matt! I'm hooked!!! I'm SO rootin' for them!!!!

    A new follower from TRDC Red Writing Hood :)

  12. I'm with Lilu, you are wonderful w/ the dialogue, something I am not great at and too nervous to attempt. It just doesn't come easily and I have a lot of trouble with it...

    Love the kitchen scene, the flour everywhere, etc...will have to go read your link to the rest!

  13. Love this! Hot, steamy, excellent dialogue, body language, flow and rhythm.

    You nailed it.

    Hee! :)

  14. My first time here and wow, I really loved this. Your dialouge is rich and "right", the halting and stalling and the "give in".

    I am a lover of angst and this gave it to me in so many ways.

  15. Love this! Great job with building the anticipation and conveying all that nervous energy. Steamy without being explicit, well done!

  16. My stars and garters!! I'm over here fanning myself from the heat of that post!

    Awesome job!

  17. Steamy indeed - they needed to hook up in my opinion ;-)

  18. YUM.

    On a few levels, but I love the messy kitchen, the flour, the boiling over pot. All such a great metaphor for the sex, and your language is great.

  19. Love this. I love the not wanting to, but REALLY wanting to at the same time. Hot & very well done!


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