Wednesday, January 19, 2011

100 Things ...

  1. I don't have my driver's license.
  2. I am a grammar fiend.
  3. I have 4 cats and a dog.
  4. We lost two of our cats to illness and I miss them terribly.
  5. I'm easily distracted when I don't want to be doing something.
  6. My daughter is the greatest joy I could ever imagine.
  7. And she amazes me with each new thing she learns behind my back (or so it seems).
  8. I stay up way too late putzing around online nearly every. single. night.
  9. I love chocolate, but I love vanilla ice cream more than chocolate ice cream.
  10. I miss New York City more than my words can define.
  11. I really miss the pizza and bagels, not to be confused with a pizza bagel.
  12. I wish I had enough money to take my entire family (parents, Brother/SIL/niece and me/hubby/child) on a cruise to somewhere to celebrate my family.
  13. I've never been to Barcelona but it's at the top of my list of "must sees" for my life.
  14. I love to speak Spanish.
  15. I'm fairly fluent in American Sign Language, but I'm really out of practice.
  16. I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of North Carolina.
  17. I haven't worked AS a social worker since 2006, in the state of New York.
  18. I miss working.
  19. But not the office politics.
  20. I miss helping people the way I used to and hope to get back to it someday.
  21. I can knit a basic stitch but really wish I knew what I was doing and could make something besides a sort of scarf.
  22. I love to read and devour books.
  23. I crack my knuckles regularly. It's an awful habit and I've taught my daughter to tell me to stop doing it when she hears me.
  24. I lost my virginity in another country.
  25. I miss my best friend from back home and truly wish she lived close enough that we could walk into each others houses without blinking.
  26. I hope to someday find that kind of relationship where I am currently living.
  27. I am Jewish.
  28. My father was born in Germany and lived in Israel as a young boy, and me, I hope to someday get to visit Israel.
  29. I hate guns and violence.
  30. I was once in a hold up at my Uncle's pharmacy.
  31. The man came close enough to look at the chain on my neck.
  32. I was stupid enough to take my mini-wallet out of my pocket and hide it in my boot.
  33. All I can remember from that day was praying my brother would not walk through that front door.
  34. I fell out of a moving car once.
  35. And all I remember from that moment was pushing my brother off of me and back into the car so he wouldn't fall out, too.
  36. I saved my brother from a guy trying to steal his bike once.
  37. I love my brother to pieces and would protect him with all that I am.
  38. Although I did lock him and his best friend out of my parents' house once.
  39. I was with my best friend, who was my brother's best friend's sister. We kind of got in trouble for that.
  40. I love polar bears.
  41. My husband and I got engaged near the polar bears at the Central Park Zoo.
  42. I do not eat beef or pork.
  43. I do eat chicken and turkey.
  44. I do not eat fish, especially shrimp. Blech.
  45. I have never been to Disney with my family.
  46. One of my dreams is to get my mom there someday.
  47. I have been parasailing.
  48. It was the most relaxing moment of my entire life.
  49. I have donated my hair several times.
  50. My all time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.
  51. My fave line from that movie is "I carried a watermelon," - Surprised you, didn't I?
  52. The TV show I have been watching my entire life is General Hospital.
  53. The best book I read in 2010 was The Help.
  54. I read about 60 books in 2010.
  55. I probably saw about 4 movies.
  56. I love movies, I just don't get to see them anymore.
  57. My fave trilogy is Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen.
  58. George Clooney is #1 on my "list" and will be for a long time to come.
  59. Mark Wahlberg comes in a close second.
  60. I love FRIENDS.
  61. My brother, husband and I quote several episodes to one another regularly.
  62. I named my daughter after my maternal grandfather (and hubby's maternal grandmother) and my paternal grandmother.
  63. I would swear that I knew her name long before she even existed, I just can't find the notebook I know it is written down in. (Yet!)
  64. I have kept journals for most of my life.
  65. I once suffered from such severe foot pain I could barely walk.
  66. Acupuncture saved me. Many times over.
  67. I miss my friends from work.
  68. I also miss my best guy friends from back home.
  69. I believe men and women can be just friends. (see #68 - I have at least two of them)
  70. Prior to becoming a social worker I worked in Tax Publishing for 9 years.
  71. I met my closest guy friend on Halloween, at work, when I offered him candy corn.
  72. I was dressed as a cowgirl (I think ...).
  73. I met my husband at work when he started his job working for my then boyfriend.
  74. My ex and I and my husband and his ex once went to Atlantic City for a weekend. Together.
  75. I am such a good friend I took my husband's ex to Fire Island with me one Fourth of July weekend so my not-yet-husband (or boyfriend, for that matter) could spend time with his brother ...
  76. My hair has never been dyed.
  77. Or cut shorter than my chin.
  78. I used to wear overalls to work.
  79. Not just when I was dressed as a cowgirl.
  80. I don't know how to make matzo ball soup.
  81. Or challah bread.
  82. But I should. Especially down here in NC.
  83. When I lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and worked on the [lower] West Side I took 3-4 trains to work.
  84. I love How I Met Your Mother.
  85. And Rules of Engagement.
  86. ER was one of my favorite TV shows EVER.
  87. I also love NCIS.
  88. I could watch the movie Dodge Ball over and over again.
  89. And I have.
  90. I could eat pasta {with sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese} for dinner every night.
  91. But I don't - though I probably did when I lived by myself.
  92. My husband and I danced to three special songs at our wedding.
  93. Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong [first dance]
  94. Grow Old Along With Me, Mary Chapin Carpenter [second dance - but it was the 1st song we ever danced to together at a friend's wedding]
  95. Don't Wanna Miss a Thing, by Aerosmith [spotlight dance]
  96. I danced with my father, mother AND my brother at my wedding, as well.
  97. Separately. (Sunrise, Sunset; You Light Up My Life; Stand By Me)
  98. I am newly addicted to my in-chair back-rub provider.
  99. And the Wii Fit.
  100. And now I'm ready for bed.
101. I'm linking this up with Shell to Pour My Heart Out in the AM. And I thank Fadra of all.things.fadra for lighting a fire under me tonight to get this list done. Even if it is a bit half-a$$ed of me. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better!

**And yikes, it took me like 40 minutes to write this list! I'm truly going to bed now!**


  1. have you never tried my challah recipe??? soooo easy. if I can do/make it?? ANYONE CAN.

    will send u a link if you want or you can search for it on my search box...

    p.s. i have only ever made matzoh ball soup from a mix. i suck.

  2. I read Fadra's yesterday and am planning on writing my 100 things list too! I love reading them though! They're an interesting peak into people.
    I think it'll take a while!

  3. I feel like I know you even better now. :)

  4. Love this list! We so have to meet this year if you come to NYC! :)

  5. This was really interesting, and I'm not just saying that; some of these list posts make my eyes cross even if they're just 10 facts!
    I knew I liked you. I'm a grammar fiend too, and a punctuation maniac as well. I also LOVE Dirty Dancing.
    Is your brother younger? Your relationship is very special.
    Great post!

  6. You've never died your hair and AND you got it on in another saucy minx you ;)

  7. I love these 100 Things lists. It's so fun to learn random things about the bloggers I like to read.

  8. I am afraid to write anything on your blog now as I am not a grammar fiend :)

    Why don't you have your driver's license?

  9. I also LOVE Friends! I'm assuming the show(since it's capitalized?), let's just hope that's what we're talking about, beacuse I planned on telling you that I could watch those re-runs over and over and laugh like I've never seen them. If you're talking about IRL friends...I love them too. LOL

    And, no DL??

  10. it might have taken time but now so many people KNOW you :) And that is pretty cool...unless you want to stay all dark and mysterious

    Visiting from RDC

  11. Okay - sooo.. I am visiting from the Link Up - and I have to say, I suppose I should follow you. I am a southern girl (From Georgia - now live in Alabama) - who is going to make the transition to NYC within the year. HA! Love the 100 things about you. Very interesting. Stop by my blog sometime! I have actually been complaining about having to move to NY. LOL

  12. I LOVE movies as well. I don't get to watch them nearly as often as I'd like. Every great once in a while, I go to the movies alone, and that is some lovely stuff, I tell you what. I saw Black Swan last. Very, very interesting. Here from RDC!

  13. I'm stopping in again from The REd Dress Club link up. I think we have a lot in common. You should stop by my mom blog sometime. (

  14. We have a lot in common - I miss NYC so much! I lived on the upper West Side and commuted to midtown, so just one train or I walked. Sigh.

    And I had a neuroma in my foot.

    And I miss my guy friends.

    And my friend makes AMAZING challah. And I left it on my counter and my freaking dogs ate it when I went outside.

    Altho, you have virgin hair?

  15. I love this list. I really want to get back to New York soon for a weekend trip.

    You're grammar are disappointing me. Haha, sorry I had to. :) I'm the same way.

  16. We made challah for the first time this past year. I'd never had it before, so I don't know whether it turned out right, but my older child has been begging for me to make it again ever since. Isn't it illegal or something to make it in July? ;)


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