Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's late at night ...

Since the kiddos are likely in bed we should be in the clear when it comes to what I'm about to discuss with you all, right? And if they're not asleep, well, just don't let them stand over you while you're clicking any of the links I'm providing.

We're all friends here, so let's be honest, have you ever been to a Sex Toys Party? I'll tell you the truth, I actually never have. However, I have seen some on display, so to speak, at a retreat with friends (just a weekend getaway) I went on last fall. Anyway, since there's no retreat in the works for me this October, I figured I'd share a little info with all of you ...

Have you heard of Eden Fantasys? I actually hadn't until they were sponsoring Friendship Month over at Friends You Love during the month of September. And I'll admit, I've been intrigued. They seem like a pretty high class shop. And from what I've read, they're also really discreet. We like discreet, right?

So when I heard about this opportunity to win a gift card from them, I figured, why not? And then I was bummed. I missed the deadline. But guess what? It was extended! How perfect. And so I took another look at their interesting product line.

I don't want to scare anyone away with any images that might, well, make you gasp, so I've gone through the variety of products as best I could to give you a few glimpses that might strike you as less scary.

For example, check out the fairy massagers, they're not that scary, if anything they look like a microphone of sorts, don't they?

They also have really pretty and sexy lingerie and I'm excited to see they have some selections in larger sizes. Hey, we not so tiny ladies like to spice things up a bit, too, ya know!?!

And loads of great gag items for bachelorette parties and the like. And can you imagine serving THIS for dinner or bringing it to your next potluck? Honestly, I wish I had been able to shop at a place like this when I was planning many a friend's bachelorette party!

And for some less risque type products, you can find candles, mood music and massage oils here in their sensual love section.

So take a look, see if anything strikes your fancy, and I'm sure there are great coupon codes out there on the internet these days so you can give them a go at an affordable price. I bet your other half would be quite surprised if you treated him or her to something new. Then again, maybe just some nice candles for a quiet bath. That sounds beautiful. And relaxing. And so peaceful. And relaxing. Did I mention they have aromatherapy candles? Seriously. I need to get my hands on those ...

** I was not compensated in any way for this post, however I am going to be entered into a giveaway for a gift card from Eden Fantasys for posting some links back to them. I hope I win! And if you're interested in an opportunity to win a $25 love card for their website, check me out on Twitter as I'll be giving one away over the next week or so! ** 


  1. I'm a rep for a toy party. It's so much fun and doesn't feel like work, for sure. We can make them as tame or as risque as you want. I call myself a divorce prevention specialist.

  2. My daughter has been to a party twice and she said they can be really fun! Eden Fantasys ships in boxes that are completely discreet and without any indication of the company. I think that is so great!

  3. Good luck, hope you win!!

  4. I may have to wait until my Diet Pepsi kicks in to click on those linke ;-)

  5. I have actually been to 4 of em case my friends are hussies...kidding..not really. I find that thenproducys are way overpriced and it's a lot cheaper to just go to a store and buy the product....if you have balls which I do not!

  6. My old neighborhood hosted one for me when I first became single again... they didn't TELL me that's what it was for, because they knew I'd never go, but it was a hoot... I believe, Miss A that we have a mutual acquaintance in this party sales business... you should call her!


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