Sunday, October 10, 2010

EcoStore USA: Product Review

Some time ago I received two products for review from ecoSTORE USA.

The summer took hold and although we had tried the two products, the review of them, you know, the one I wrote in my head? Well, it never made it to the page. For that, I'm terribly sorry and apologize to ecoSTORE wholeheartedly!

I was happy to accept their offer to review two products from their natural and non-toxic line of products. And, as their website will tell you, ALL of their products are environmentally friendly. Which is a huge plus when you're trying to be GREEN like I am.

So, which products to choose? Let's start off for the kiddo. I picked the baby body wash. Yes, yes, what timing after I just confessed to being addicted to products, right? Well, bear with me, it's worth it ...

This stuff smelled fresh and clean, and it was kind of hard to judge on my daughter, as for her I'm mostly pouring it into the bathtub with hopes of a huge display of bubbles. So, what's a good product reviewer to do? Try it for myself! So I did. I used it in the shower and I liked it. It was mild, but cleansing and the lack of *scent* was perfect for me. But honestly, I have to sing higher praises of the second product I tested out.


I love this stuff. I want to live off this stuff. It smells so great, it's just a fresh and clean scent. And when you check out the ingredients you'll see exactly what the scent comes from. It's Eucalyptus oil. It's kind of like when I worked in Manhattan and walked across the street to the Pier 1 store and spent about 1/2 of my lunch hour hovering in the Eucalyptus branch section, and even bought some for my bedroom because it just has that calming feel to the smell. Ahhh.I'm sorry, did I lose you? I guess I kind of got lost there in the memory for a moment. You know how scents can bring you back to certain times and places? That's what this stuff does for me.

Anyway, the detergent left my clothes, towels and sheets clean, and the scent is light enough that it's barely even there when you take your stuff out of the dryer. I liked that I could easily use it on my daughter's clothing, and I especially liked using it for towels, because we all know how towels just get that stank to them? And this refreshing liquid seemed to clean them better than most.

So, I definitely recommend giving ecoSTORE USA a try if you're looking for safe and environmentally friendly products. And if you're hesitant, trust me! And if you don't trust me, well, check out their website, or shoot them an email and ask for more information. They'll happily provide it to you and answer any questions you may have.

** I was not compensated in any way for this review. ecoSTORE USA did provide me with these two products free of charge to facilitate my review, but the opinions included are strictly my own. **

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