Monday, November 23, 2009

Countdown to T-Day!

I love Thanksgiving. I love doing nothing all day, eating a nice, big dinner (that Boston Market cooks for me!) and vegging on the couch.

Hubby just got our decoration up last night. I don't have a picture from today because it's totally pouring out there and has been since last night, but here's one from last T-Day!

He is standing a bit taller this year as hubby shoved a broom, uhm, up in there ... but I think it'll be interesting to see how the little one has grown!

What's your plan for the holiday?


  1. Like you, I'm pretty much all about the yum yum vittles! That turkey is gigantic!

    I have noticed those big lawn fellas do tend to want to look at the earth too much. ;)

  2. Oh why didn't I think of Boston Market before shopping like a fool? You are so smart.
    I am doing my best to avoid any family wars this year (-: Test run for Christmas !
    Have a great one!!!!

  3. I love the turkey. What a cutie. And, your little guy isn't too shabby either! :+)

  4. LOL That picture made me laugh. Totally adorable.

  5. Family, food & football. What else is there? Have a great Thanksgiving!


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