Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KitKat for breakfast, anyone?

Guess who woke up in the middle of the night last night?

Guess who is cranky this morning?

I'm so tired, even though I did get her back to sleep in her own bed. But this whole *being able to get out of bed business* is a bit rough, especially when I wake up and she's right there beside me, in MY room! She is doing pretty well, and aside from a few early wake ups, she's been sleeping through the night in there. But she has continued to roll out of bed onto the floor nearly every night since we got the thing. I need to remember to bring my camera upstairs so I can document it for the record. She's so out of it when we pick her up and move her back into the bed, and hubby suggested a bed-like swaddle, where we use the blankets to at least "hold her in" somehow. And yet, in her sleep, she manages to break out of them and roll on down.

We've got padding on both sides, blankets and pillows, stuffed animals and random soft things, so she's been bruise-free. But man, the poor thing. We can't tell if she wakes up in the mornings on the floor, or in her bed, because she's not that clear when she's explaining it to us and waffles between both.

Mmmn, waffles, I would love a waffle right now. Have you heard about the EGGO shortage? I'm not kidding. Something about floods or bad weather in the area they're made, and therefore distribution is limited. I haven't figured out if this affects Aunt Jemima or generic, store-brands, though, and I hope not, as we're big on frozen waffles in this house. And yes, we have a waffle maker, but who really wants to deal with that mess? I mean, if you saw my sink right now you'd pity me. Seriously. I should say sinks, as we have the double, and my dishwasher is pretty full and needs to be run, although I JUST RAN IT.

And so, with my allergy angst kicking up again now that I'm healthier (horrific cough at night and horrible fits now and then, when eating, drinking, breathing, you know, the basics) than before and there's room for them, I sit here with itchy eyes, a cranky self and the wish that I had another KitKat in the pantry closet. In the meantime I may just settle for a CapriSun (fruit punch, blech!) and some dry Fruit Loops. Hey, don't knock it til you've tried it!


  1. I hope your afternoon is better. I can't believe your little Angel keeps falling out of the bed. Awww, I'm sure she will get used to her big girl bed soon :)

    A Kit Kat for breakfast sounds yummy! Stock up!
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh, you poor thing! I remember those days... you have to invest in some of those "guards/rails" that slide in right between the mattress & box spring...they're lifesavers!! :D

  3. That happened with my son. I had the guard rails up on the bed and it helped, but he still managed to kick them out far enough sometimes to fall out.

  4. Have you thought of trying a bed rail for her? They are readily available and should help her stay in bed.

  5. We didn't do those rails, but maybe you should consider it? Not that she's really getting hurt, mind you, but it might give you some peace of mind.

    We also put a baby gate at the door to the girls' room at night. Pediatrician suggested it w/ all the night time wandering. It helped pretty quickly. They weren't happy about it at first, but we talked about it a lot, and after 3-4 nights, no one was bothering to get up at all!


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