Saturday, November 16, 2013

Amazing reads.

So this past week my laptop and iPad have both been crazy busy.

Crazy busy, people.

I've had tons of tabs open with amazing posts that I absolutely need to share.

Some of them I've shared on Facebook because I kind of had to.

Some of them I've been waiting to share and kept the tabs open until the "time is right" and am still waiting.

So, here you go, my friends. Must reads for this weekend.

The beautiful Miranda talks freely In Defense of Selfies. She actually made me cry. Of course, I'm a little sensitive these days, but still ... I cried.

Alexandra addresses Why We Hate Photos of Ourselves. I've been trying to come up with a comment in response to her post and I keep falling short. The power of this simple statement floors me: "Photos of us are evidence of a life lived, proof that we were here." Especially now. Especially in these days where pulling out pictures of my dad is a way to heal, ache, laugh, cry and remember.

Don't run from the camera. It's no coincidence that these two posts are at the top of my list. Don't run. Even if you have to take your own picture. Do it. You don't always have to share it, but do it anyway.

My friend Di spoke to my heart with her post titled SAD. 

Her words are so beautiful, so raw and so real.

So many of us find ourselves sinking as the weather changes. The sun starts to hide. Our bodies feel colder. Our eyes, hearts, selves ... we flitter back and forth between seasons. I can so relate.

Jennifer over at Dancing in the Rain talks about how she and her family "give Christmas" in her post titled, I'll probably never write a holiday gift guide. Something about it moved me in a way that I stumbled over my words when I commented. I get it. I understand it, even though my experience is different than hers. Maybe you can relate and say something more relevant than what I did?

I have fallen more and more in love with Ilene Evans as she writes about the latest steps in her journey that is life. Her words are so amazingly powerful. She posts about feeling Upside Down and I feel it with her. My heart races and I know the anxieties. Hers are not mine. Mine are not hers. But I know. I know what it's like to feel upside down. Go. Read. You'll find yourself lost in her beautiful blog. Her words will draw you in. I can't wait to see her again in real life so I can hug her and have a real conversation with her. Our one meeting months ago was way too brief.

Lastly, this post is from last week, I think, but I only just got to it the other day. Dear friend, You are winning, over at Sometimes it's hard. My friend story is super amazing and as she blogs through the month of November she is opening up and sharing with raw and tender emotion. It's an important reminder. Go on over and read it and bookmark it.

So, there you have it. That's what's sucked me in this week. I hope you find yourself over at their places and spaces, reading and getting to know these amazing women. Amazing writers.

And remember, writing from the heart will always keep you true to yourself. And friends like me, old or new? We'll see it and feel it. And breathe it with you.


  1. Awww, thank you so much for including my post. You're beautiful, lady. Keep taking those selfies.

  2. I can't say thank you enough. And yes, people DO NOT scrutinize our photos the way we do of ourselves... and to have SO FEW photos of my mother's last six months... because she didn't understand, no one was inspecting them under a microscope. No one does that. We look and treasure. I am so sorry for your loss.xo

  3. Thanks for sharing what you discovered this week- I think you've introduced me to some new things, too! I enjoy your writing style- all your wonderful ideas come tumbling out, and you share with such enthusiasm. I feel energized- thank you! :)

    Love, Joy @ Yesterfood

  4. Oh Andrea, thank you so much! Writing that post about our lack of Christmas giving was really hard and I felt very vulnerable publishing it. Thank you for validating me.

  5. I wanted to be able to read all of these posts before I commented. The blogs you have discussed here have so much heart - and the messages in the posts you have chosen all touched me deeply for different reasons. I'm honored to be among the blogs you've talked about here. And I am all in for the next time we cross paths. xo

  6. I SO need to stop running from the camera. I need to. I must. Ugh. I'm going to work on that.
    I love the way you described Ilene and her blog. Ilene is just the loveliest person. You can feel it in her writing. There's just something so velvety and warm about her writing. I have a serious girl crush on her. I can't wait to read all the others you linked too. I always know if you recommend it, I'm going to love it!! --Lisa

  7. Wow, loads of great links to follow. I've always been camera-shy; I've always thought there were better things to have in photographs (any photographs) than me. I should maybe think about that a bit more...

  8. I saw this post when you published it, and saved it to come back when I could follow all your link trails. Totally worth it.

    You collected great things here.

    Love you!

  9. I would love to see this become a regular series on your blog. Your list is authentic, unlike many other link collections I've seen! Thanks for the recommendations!


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