Friday, June 21, 2013

Sometimes I write.

Do you have anything for me to write about this weekend?

I've started three different posts and haven't hit my stride yet.

Then I thought that maybe I'd share some of my favorite reads from the last week or so.

Stuff that doesn't have anything to do with Kimye and baby North. Ehem. West. North West. So. Yeah.

I'll be honest, though, I started a post about Ms. Paula Deen. Really. I did.

I started to say things about how it's redonkulous that she could simply say something like, (obvs. paraphrasing here, please know that much) yes, I used the N-word and wanted to host a plantation-style wedding ... ehem. EXCUSE me? *smh* I'm not lovin' on Paula right now, my friends. I'm just not. I still have a post in drafts about how we may/may not hold celebs to higher standards and even if we do are certain things just completely 100% NOT okay, and yes, yes that is what I think. Absolutely. Certain things are just NOT OKAY.

Paula's been taking some hits this year or so. The diabetes. The whatever it was, contract or something with a pharmaceutical company. Didn't go over very well. Hmmn. I still love me some Bobby Deen, though. His show is enjoyable in that he's back in my home city AND he's wearing Simon Cowell-like t-shirts. What's not to like?

But Paula, despite her ooey gooey butter cookies being one of my faves over the years, she needs to make some sort of statement about this whole thing. Apparently she was supposed to meet with Matt Lauer but canceled. Can't blame her there. He's become skeevier and skeevier over the years. (Skeevier is not showing up as a word, but it is, okay? It just is.) But she needs to do it. And soon.

Anyway, back to your regularly non-celeb-related scheduled programming.

If you haven't heard about the amazing Climb Out of the Darkness event happening all over the country and world, you're missing something critical. I'm not doing an incredible climb of any sort, but I did so some walking with my daughter today and it truly meant something to me. She walked her baby in her old stroller. I walked beside her. We walked together. It was a far cry from so many years ago when my anxiety kept me company as I walked anywhere. Postpartum Progress is an incredible organization and has supported SO many women in need. SO many women who are facing postpartum mood disorders. And if you know me well enough or at all, you know how important this kind of support is to me. Personally AND professionally. If you should be so inclined and wish to make a small contribution supporting moms everywhere, check out my Climb Out of the Darkness donation page. * I just noticed I'm the Warrior Mom of the Day today over at Postpartum Progress! How very cool and what awesome timing for me to catch it. *

One of the most amazing posts I've read about this event was over at my girl Kim's place. Check it out at Make Mommy Go Something Something. And the beautiful and daring Susan shares an incredible video of herself and her wee one, discussing the climb. Watch it over at Learned Happiness and have your heart explode.  Sew Curly also has a pretty phenomenal post up about this event and her PPD experience, as well.

Oh my GOODNESS, y'all. I was about to go in a totally different direction just now, but then I read that Paula Deen was fired by The Food Network. WHOA. And she did issue an apology. I'll refrain from any linkage. You'll find it if you happen to click anywhere on the interwebs.

Okay, I'm sort of on a tangent here, so maybe I'll just stop for now, wish you all a great weekend and leave it at that. I kind of feel like the Climb (anyone else singing Miley Cyrus every time you read about this event? No? Just me? M'kay then!) and Paula/Kimye don't belong in the same post, but maybe it's okay for me to just open up my brain and pour it out that way because I am so totally absolutely the kind of person that tangents. UP A STORM.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend. Happy start to summer! May the sun shine brightly, may you not sweat too much, unless, of course, you WANT to, and may you find everything you need when you go to the store. Peace out!


  1. Celebs and their cray cray ways, seriously.

    Yay you for being featured at PPP!

  2. I'm still kind of shock or something else that North West is going to be her real name. Kardashian family does everything in their own way!
    Got you from SITS girls & a new follower. Look forward to get connected!

  3. Oh, so many thoughts. When Ashley told me about North West I thought she'd been taken in by a hoax. I just thought there was no way that wasn't a joke. I just can't believe it. Ugh.

    I have so many thoughts about the Paula Deen thing. Honestly, I think the plantation wedding thing is the worst part. It just speaks to such an ingrained racism inside of her to look back on the days of slavery with nostalgia. It's sickening. I think many people today fully understand how heinous the N-word is and don't use it because they realize that it's socially unacceptable in 2013, it's the other underlying racism that people feel and hide more easily that is more insidious in our culture. It can be so ingrained inside they don't even recognize it for what it is. *sigh* I'll stop now. I could type on and on....

    Love the fact that you turned a spotlight on Postpartum Progress. Congratulations on being featured!! --Lisa

  4. Buttah.
    It's all about Butta.
    I'm so glad that you are such a strong voice behind this illness. You're an amazing soul who has the foresight to not call her child North because that is stupid unless you bath the baby in Buttah.
    Thanks for the nod sweets.
    It was powerful day wasn't it? I hope all of the women felt our love that day and always xoxo
    So honoured to know you my friend.

  5. Just catching up with comments. Haven't had time to write a post yet. Must get to it today!

  6. Goodness! That Paula Deen thing is so off the charts...I mean, plantation wedding??? She just is a caricature of the south. Ugh. Good for regarding the climb! take care, Kathy


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