Monday, May 6, 2013

The best things in life are ...

I've decided to hang out with Stasha today for Monday Listicles.

I've been slack in posting the last few days or so - or more. I had a lot of post ideas and just didn't have the motivation to sit my arse down and write.

So today, seeing this prompt? Perfect.

Ten things in your life that you love that are free. Hmmn. Sounds sketchy, right? Nothing's for nothing in this world. Or so it seems. But I take this as a challenge! I have to find something ... or ten things!

Giving of yourself to help others can be completely free. You don't have to donate money. Or items. You can donate time and find that it is one of the best experiences of giving you'll ever have in your life.

Friendships get harder when you get older. But they don't have to cost you a penny. You can take a walk together. Talk on the phone. Write letters. Emails. Text messages. Connect somehow. However you need to. Friends will be there for you. Without any money changing hands. Old friends. New friends. It's the ship that never sails.

Sure, many of us pay for our domain. We spend money on much-needed blog conferences. We go back again and again. We have to, how else will we meet some of our amazing bloggy friends in real life? Face-to-face connections! They completely rock and we don't care about the money so much when we're there. Although we'd like to save some money before we go ... but I tangented big time there.

Blogging, totally free. Sure, you need a laptop or computer of some sort. But you can pop onto Blogger or Wordpress and set yourself up and just start writing.

Just wait and see the world that opens up for you then. Incredible. Amazing. Powerful. Blogging. Just do it.

Sure sometimes being weighed down by your emotions seems to suck the life right outta you. You feel like THAT girl, and it sucks. But it's okay. Emotions make us who we are. A good cry? Cathartic. A pee-your-pants kind of laugh? Required more often than we get to experience them, I'm sure. For sure I could live without some of the anxiety I experience. Anxiety is a bitch, after all. But check it ... I write about my emotions a lot. I share them, share me - my raw emotional self -  with you all. Y'all. hee hee. And it's okay. I know it's who I am, and I feel it makes me more human to share them, and to FEEL them. So just do.

Sure. Love is an emotion. I guess. Kinda'. Sorta. But it's free. All that talk about money can't buy you love? It's true. I promise. I hope you find it and feel it if you haven't yet. But before you say you haven't, look towards your family and friends. And remember you have. Love. It's the real deal.

Whether I need it or know someone who does. Offering a few words of kindness, love and support? Can make or break someone's day. JUST DO IT. *Why is that my theme today? Hmmn. I might have to change the title of this post! Thanks, Nike, don't be mad at me, okay?*

Uhoh. Just do it? Again.


Seriously. I've felt SO crappy the last few days. And so this AM I realized why. I haven't been out there moving. MOVING. You don't need a fancy gym membership or fancy work out clothes. Just get out there, lace up your kicks and walk. Run. Do whatever you have to to get yourself moving. It's totally FREE. And good for you. Better than good. Get on out there, girlfriend. Or boyfriend. No boys comment in my 'hood, though. Am I too girly? Real men should be comfortable with my pink background, right? There I go again. Chatting away about whatever!

MOVE IT! MOVE IT! Find the colorful moments in your world and take them on whole-heartedly!

Sigh. I'm kind of stuck at seven.

Oh, wait!

Don't ever stop at where you are. Keep on dreaming. You can always find something else to do. Something to make you happy. Even if you ARE happy now - keep dreaming. Make a life list. A bucket list. Whatever you want to call it. And then get out there. Start checking things off!

Those life list moments? Remember them. Always. Where you've been. What you've done. If you're like me you have loads and loads of pictures. Remember when we used to actually print out pictures? Yeah - those! Do you have 900 photo albums tucked into the corner of your guest bedroom? I do. Yep. For sure. Your memories are your own, and they will remind you of what you can do moving forward. Hold onto them and pull them out now and then. The pictures are wonderful, but your mind is like a diary, blog, photo album, journal, etc. all rolled into one!

Okay, I've got ten.

It's freaking beautiful, people. I mean, look ...

And there you have it.

The best things in life really ARE free.


  1. Fantastic list & love that you included blogging! It opened up a whole new world for me too!

  2. Love your list!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. love what you said about volunteering. giving of our time I think is perhaps the best way to show people and the world we care.

    that is a beautiful picture!

  4. Oh I like your list... especially friendships and blogging, because we have both! :-)

  5. Absolutely amazing take on this Listicle topic! The support one was our very well said in every way. :) So excited that blogging is bringing us together in just a couple weeks!-The Dose Girls

  6. Awesome list that made me nodded my head :D

  7. yes and yes, all wonderful beautiful and free things!

  8. Hello. And Bye.


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